Cap and FF Firsts Break the Bank at Heritage Auctions

by Matt Tuck

040822B-1024x536 Cap and FF Firsts Break the Bank at Heritage AuctionsIt has been the auction to end all auctions at Heritage with historic keys breaking records left and right, but none have created the buzz like the $3 million for Cap’s first appearance. The thing is, it wasn’t the only seven-figure sale this week.

Does anyone have a couple million dollars they can spare me? A major comic auction has been happening this week, and there are still some incredible items on the block. Even for the 99% of us without six and seven figures to burn, it’s worth the stroll through comic history to watch these sales unfold. Check out some of the highlights below.

Captain-Amercia-Comics-HA-9.4-e1649423545784-196x300 Cap and FF Firsts Break the Bank at Heritage AuctionsCAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #1

A rare 9.4 Captain America Comics #1 just sold for the bargain price of $3.12 million.

Considering he was created in 1941, high-grade copies of Captain America’s first appearance are hard to come by. CGC has a grand total of 181 graded copies on file, and 84 of those fall under the purple restored label. Of the 97 other copies, 88 have the universal blue label. The most rare are the near-mint grades, and for good reason with a comic this old. 

There are just six copies that rate 9.0 or better, and that is what makes this auction so special. It is one of just two 9.4s on record. The last time one sold, it went for over $915,000 n in 2019.

Fantastic-Four-1-HA-9.2-e1649423625521-197x300 Cap and FF Firsts Break the Bank at Heritage AuctionsFANTASTIC FOUR #1

Speaking of Marvel Comics’ history, you can’t deny the Fantastic Four’s place on that list. If it wasn’t for the FF, there would be no Marvel. When other titles from the former Timely Comics were faltering, the FF sold so well that it kept the company afloat for years. Now that they are on their way to the MCU, Marvel’s First Family is poised to regain its Silver Age popularity.

It’s only fitting that their first appearance – and the comic that truly began the Marvel Age – crossed the seven-figure threshold. On April 7, an exquisite 9.2 had a final auction price of $1,500,000. Before that monstrous sale, the record was $191,200 in 2013. 

It takes a $1.5 million dollar sale to make a $168k price tag look like a bargain. In the same auction, a 7.5 FF #1 brought that amount, breaking the previous record of $69k from 2020.

Journey-into-Mystery-1-HA-9.4-e1649423742155-195x300 Cap and FF Firsts Break the Bank at Heritage Auctions


The Thunder God didn’t challenge the monumental prices of Cap and the FF’s first appearances, respectively, but he mounted a worthy price tag all the same.

A CGC-graded 9.4 for Thor’s first appearance in JIM #83 earned $432,000 on the April 7 auction.

Although CGC has one copy of a 9.6 in its census data, the 9.4 is the highest grade with a recorded sale.

The last time one traded hands, it brought $319,800 in 2021.

Amazing-Fantasy-15-HA-7.5-e1649423827158-196x300 Cap and FF Firsts Break the Bank at Heritage AuctionsAMAZING FANTASY #15

There was more Marvel history for sale this week as Spider-Man’s first appearance was on the auction block.

Having one AF #15 in your auction is impressive, but to have two is a thing to behold.

First up was a graded 7.5 that sold for $300,000, dwarfing last year’s sale of $156,000. Next was a 7.0 which earned an impressive $222,000.

Surprisingly, this was not a record. In fact, the previous two sales for a 7.0 AF #15 both surpassed that figure. 

Batman-1-HA-1.8-e1649423866831-196x300 Cap and FF Firsts Break the Bank at Heritage AuctionsBATMAN #1

There were more records falling in this mega auction. Among the amazing lineup of comics on the auction block was the all-mighty Batman #1.

The grade was nowhere near as impressive as others on the list, but even the poorest of qualities for Batman #1 is a milestone comic for anyone to own.

In this case, a 1.8 sold for a record $180,000. It’s the first time that specific grade has traded hands online since one brought $27,500 in 2013. Last month, a 2.5 sold for $270,000.

Were you surprised by any of these results? Which book will be next to break the $1M barrier? Let us know in the comments!

000080221A_Games_2-Footer Cap and FF Firsts Break the Bank at Heritage Auctions*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not reflect investment advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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