Canceled Superheroes and Obscure Villains

by Norman Robinson III

146127_ef74a05af87a42fcb24ea24ec0f79bc057f95dc8-192x300 Canceled Superheroes and Obscure VillainsWith Captain Marvel set to appear for the first time on the big screen; now may be a good time to test our comic book trivia knowledge. That said; which captain recovered the original Captain Marvel’s Nega-Bands from his tomb on one of Saturn’s moons? Captain America is certainly strong-willed enough to use them but is tempered with duty and honor and would never steal. Captain Britain is powerful enough but does he really need the Nega-Bands? Nope, he has all the powers he needs. Finally, what about Captain Universe? He is ubiquitous enough; but why would the Eternity’s superhero plunder the tomb of arguably one of the most poignant superheroes of the 1970s? The answer is: he would not. It is the dreaded Kree warrior Captain Atlas that absconded with the Nega-Bands from Captain Marvel’s tomb on Saturn’s moon in the comics. This character is going to appear in the upcoming Captain Marvel film. The actor playing Captain Atlas is Algenis Perez Soto and listed on Google as part of the Captain Marvel cast. But when did this character first officially appear in Marvel? Further, has his first appearance increased in value due to the upcoming movie or simply floundered in obscurity?

Quasar #9

I looked up his first appearance and apparently, he is not a 60’s superhero but from the 1990s superhero universe, that probably means he has lots of cargo pockets and gun belts. Captain Atlas, first appeared and was created in Quasar #9. This comic developed by Mark Gruenwald (script) and Mike Manley (pencils) was released in April 1990. It now sells for as little as $.99 cents on eBay or on the high end for $19.99. This is the first appearance of Captain Atlas and as such could be a big nothing burger or, after the movie this comic could see a post-movie pop.  Currently, you risk next to nothing on this purchase. So why not? According to Wikipedia, this character has flight, superhuman strength and his Kree uni-beam device projects concussive blasts; it would be cinematic to see him battle Captain Marvel (female movie version) on the big screen. Bottom line this is one of those cheapies that could uptick from one movie, “I would buy that for a dollar (Robocop reference).”

139171_73d20dff0c587c8c59ab2130e4eb08d0bb04c00e-196x300 Canceled Superheroes and Obscure VillainsPunisher Limited Series #1

The Punisher has just been officially canceled by Netflix. It is too bad as the actor Jon Bernthal had the role down solid and the writing was ok. While the action scenes were simply off the hook! This is a big loss for the Punisher comics as this series was a solid performance and fun to watch. It will probably negatively impact comic book sales of the Punisher in the short-term. Let’s review where Punisher Limited Series #1 is now and if you should buy, hold or sell this first series issue of The Punisher. This book was created by the outstanding writing of Steven Grant and the groundbreaking artwork of Mike Zeck combined with Phil Zimelman’s paint. However, has the impact of losing the series already sunk the comic? Can you make money off Punisher Limited Series #1, let’s investigate the first and last place any reasonable speculator should look, the numbers:



Grade (9.8) has a FMV of $350 with a negative return of -7.7% ROI

Grade (9.2) has a FMV of $80 a slight positive return of +3.3% ROI

Grade (8.0) has a FMV of $48 with a negative return of -36.4% ROI

Grade (6.0) has a FMV of $24 the last four sales have been well below FMV.

As you can see in the numbers above, The Punisher has taken a beating. But just like Timex “he keeps on ticking.” I would like to argue against selling, now and until Disney does something more with the character is a good time to buy. If you don’t own a copy of the entire Punisher Limited Series from the 1980s; get one now. Everyone is trying to get away from all the canceled Netflix shows. You can name your price. A local comic shop I frequent had a pristine copy of Punisher Limited Series #1 for only $15, I purchased it immediately. These prices won’t stay down long. It never pays to count the Punisher out!








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