Canada’s Largest Online Comics Publisher

by Jeff

Vancouver, British Columbia (PRWEB) August 23, 2007 — Zeros 2 Heroes Media is championing Canadian writers and is doing so with the help of the Canada New Media Fund.

The comics social networking site announced today the launch of Canada: Comic Creation Nation, a major initiative that will effectively make the Vancouver-based company the nation’s largest online publisher of comics.

In a very real sense, the fans will be involved in the creation of these new properties, an experience which has been proven to build a deep connection and profound loyalty.
Canada: Comic Creation Nation, a campaign partially financed by the Canada New Media Fund (a fund administered by Telefilm Canada), will use new social media techniques to identify, qualify and create 30 – 50 new Canadian stories suitable for future development as feature films, television series, animated films and comic books.

“We’re calling on all Canadian novelists, playwrights, screenwriters, journalists-pretty much anyone who can set down a laptop and write – to submit their storylines for development,” says Zeros 2 Heroes President Matthew Toner, who also goes under the moniker of ChiefZero on the website. “We want to change the way genre entertainment is created and consumed. The strategy is simple and effective: combine user-generated content with social media enhancements to produce market-ready properties that have a built-in following of hardcore fans.”

Canadian writers are able to submit their story ideas on by way of an interactive pitch packager developed specifically for the campaign. As ideas and artwork begin to flow, Zeros 2 Heroes members will rate, review and refer the concepts using a variety of web 2.0 tools. As the online audience begins to pick the winners, Zeros 2 Heroes will then produce, promote and represent the titles, with the ultimate goal of securing development deals with major entertainment companies.

“With 30 to 50 heavily vetted properties, already market tested against a core demographic and buttressed by extensive user data, there is certain to be several titles with recognized commercial potential that can be immediately developed,” says Toner, whose site is already the exclusive host for the redevelopment of the classic episodic series, ReBoot. “In a very real sense, the fans will be involved in the creation of these new properties, an experience which has been proven to build a deep connection and profound loyalty.”

While the recent rise in sales of graphic novels is striking, the more powerful market force in the comics industry is the explosion of lucrative films based on beloved franchises. Major entertainment companies are now looking far and wide to option the next comic property with breakout potential. And Zeros 2 Heroes intends to stand at the forefront of that process as it focuses on producing at least one new comic a week.

To find out more information, visit the Zeros 2 Heroes booth at Toronto’s Fan Expo or go online to

For media interested in attending Zeros 2 Heroes Fan Expo panel on Canada: Comic Creation Nation (Saturday, August 25, 2007 at 12 pm EST) hosted by ChiefZero, Matt Toner, and legendary creator Paul Dini, contact pr @, or stop by the Zeros 2 Heroes booth.

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