Cable Ready

by Matt Tuck

146037_3cd72cb941af546cd8e1dbc8544b8539e2237ede-196x300 Cable Ready

In the latest installment of the post-Deadpool 2 articles, let’s take a closer look at the impact the film is having on what could be two major coming franchises: Cable and X-Force.

Both Cable and his former comic team made their cinematic debuts in Deadpool 2, and the fan response has been overwhelmingly positive. As I wrote earlier this week, New Mutants #98 has gotten a B12 shot and has picked up sales leading up to the movie’s premiere. What about the companion piece, New Mutants #87?


While NM #87 doesn’t bring the same prices as NM #98, Cable’s first appearance has remained a safe investment for decades. Now that Josh Brolin has given fans a satisfying portrayal of the time-traveling mutant, you can expect that issue to gain traction. Who knows? With the right marketing and more solid performances on the silver screen, NM #87 may someday rival that first appearance of Deadpool in terms of price.

These days, you’ll be lucky to find a graded copy of NM #87 for under $100. The more popular Cable becomes with mainstream audiences, the higher that price will go, naturally. In fact, every grade from a CGC 9.8 all the way down to a 6.5 has jumped in value in the past 90 days. A 9.8 recently sold for $598 earlier this week. Even that mid-grade 6.5 brought $97 on May 3. It will be interesting to see where those prices plateau because they’re showing no signs of slowing down just yet.


The rumor last year was that Fox had X-Force slatted for a feature film to be directed by Daredevil showrunner Drew Goddard. I can only hope that is still the plan. For those of you who invested in all those X-Force #1 covers in the early 1990s, you will be crossing your fingers that Goddard is still on board for that project.

At the moment, X-Force #1 is on the rise with nearly all grades seeing a boost over the past 90 days. However, the issue that’s seeing the bigger move is New Mutants #100. This was the last issue in the original series, but it was the first appearance of X-Force as a team before being given their own ongoing title.

Last year, you could have gotten a near-mint NM #100 for about $89. Since the hype for Deadpool 2 truly initiated, that 9.8 has taken off and has averaged $121 over the past 90 days. This is the trend for nearly all grades of New Mutants #100 as they are all picking up steam now that X-Force has been brought to movie screens. If Goddard takes the reins for an X-Force movie, that 9.8 will likely touch the $200 range.


All the clues point to anything Cable/Deadpool related being on the move, but that’s not the case. Surprisingly, Cable & Deadpool #1 has fallen off its 2017 pace. Last year, C&D #1 at a graded 9.8 averaged $210. However, it has dropped to $156 over nine sales in the past three months. Still, my instinct is that this issue will pick back up, so investing in it below market value will result in dividends down the road.

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