Cable #4

by Jeff
geekgoggle Cable #4

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Cable #4
Marvel Comics
Swierczynski & Olivetti

Perhaps the strongest issue of this series so far introduces a new, but familiar, character in the form of Cannonball. Cable continues to nurse his wounds while Bishop continues to stalk him. This issue still begs more questions than begets answers, but the issue moves quickly and has a nice tone to it.

The issue begins with Cannonball and Cable meeting up. Cannonball is an old man. He is the only mutant left. There are a ton of obvious questions, but Cable only wants to know how he found them. After all the mutants telepaths died, “they” figured out how to use the cerebra. Once all the other mutants where dead Cannonball would keep checking it waiting for Cable to show up. Interesting plan, except his rehash of using the Cerebra on that day when he found Cable only showed two mutants. There are actually three: Cable, Bishop and the baby. This series has had trouble counting (remember the bullet count from last issue?).

Meanwhile, Bishop tortures some workers at the restaurant about the waitress that called out sick. This is interesting because how would Bishop not finding Cable’s body make him check at the diner? He figure Cable went back in to finish his lunch?

Shockingly, Bishop finds Cable. Cannonball decides to occupy Bishop while Cable and the baby (and Sophie) make a run for it. Cannonball fights the good fight, but he cant last. Bishop has too many devices in that new metal arm of his.

Cable decides to stop running and just confront Bishop. This is the cliffhanger for issue.

A solid issue that moves along at a great clip. Cannonball has some excellent dialogue and really looks like and old version of himself. Bishop, still, manages to drum up some sympathy. What if Bishop is right and this baby is the cause of the pain?

Alas, the same questions remain. How can Bishop fix the mutant’s future by killing the baby in the future? What were the X-Men of the normal time period thinking by not sending Duplicate Man with Cable? Or some other mutant to keep an eye on him? What about the freakin baby? Does she have powers?

I actually have an answer about the name. It’s a guess, but I am thinking the girl, Sophie, gets killed and Cable names the kid after her. Or maybe, Bishop finally dies and he names the kid Lucas. It’s got to be one or the other.

The artwork is just not my style, but I must say that the inclusion of the action scenes with Cannonball help to make this art pop a little bit more.

Another thing to file in the quality control department is the fact that Cannonball calls Bishop “Nathan” during the fight. I realize he’s old, but he’s not that old. Is he?

At some point something has to get resolved. Right? In the meantime, I liked this issue a lot and I look forward to the conclusion. Luckily, this story is so simple that anyone can read it. Regardless of your level of X-Men knowledge. I mean, there are only four characters in the whole run so far. A solid issue with some room for improvement.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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Cable #4

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