Cable #3

by Jeff
geekgoggle Cable #3

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Cable #3
Marvel Comics
Swierczynski & Olivetti

The third issue of this series brings a new character for Cable to interact with. It also brings more questions about “how” and “why”. One refreshing aspect of the story telling actually has me rooting for both Cable and Bishop. Still the series just feels like it isn’t fully clicking all together.

This issues picks up with Cable getting a truck thrown on him and the baby. Then Bishop gets knocked out by the Mad Max Authority. Surprisingly, Cable isn’t dead. A waitress from the Diner he’s standing outside of, dashes out to help him.

Cable finds himself in her apartment. She performs some bullet extraction on Cable, while Cable holds the baby.

Bishop, chained to a wall, gets a good pummeling from his captures. This recharges Bishop. Bishop isn’t sure that Cable is actually dead, so he wants to run out and check, but he is having trouble with the pesky locals.

Cable’s new friend, Sophie, basically tells Cable he’s the chosen one. Elsewhere, Bishop escapes. At the end of the issue a new party crashes through the door.

The issue has a couple of high points. For one, I kind of feel for Bishop. The guy just takes a beating in the issue. The dude is an X-Men. He should be able to kick their teeth in.

Another good point in this issue is the idea that Cable would stay in this time period and help the common folk. It has a very “Future Imperfect” feel to the idea. Which might work well with Cable.

The story has some low points too. First off, the visuals have strange depictions. The woman’s apartment is totally barren and yet, she has magnets on her refrigerator. Also, the infant can stand? Really? Cause that would be quite a feat.

The artwork has some good points. It’s very graphic with the bullet wounds. It makes the dull and drab colors pop off the page. I kind of like it. What’s with all the mustaches in the future though?

Overall, I liked the issue, but it feels like something is missing to make it all click for me. I would like to follow this series, but each issue leaves me to wonder what the baby’s power is and why does Cable feel this time period is where she should be? So many questions and each issue hasn’t addressed them yet.

3 out of 5 geek goggles

mar082229d Cable #3
Cable #3

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