Cable #10 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Cable #10 REVIEW

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Cable #10
Marvel Comics
Swierczynski & Olivetti

Two stories take different directions in this issue. The issue somehow gives a realistic conclusion to the bizarre future timeline story, but a very unnatural ending to the current timeline storyline. All in all it’s a good read with some nice drama and a little cat and mouse game thrown in to be consistent with previous issues.

nov082413d Cable #10 REVIEW

Bishop is still held captive by the X-Men when he lets loose his trap. While Bishop tries to reconnect his arm to his shoulder Emma attacks. With most of the other X-Men out she appears to be the last hope of keeping Bishop captive. Emma plays some mind games hoping to stall long enough for help to arrive. Eventually Bishop is confronted with more than just Emma, but he has more tricks up his sleeve, or in his arm, and escapes. This was a lackluster conclusion to a so-so story, but the banter Emma spews Bishop’s way was entertaining.

In the future, Cable begins to piece things together. After he flees New Liberty with his wife and daughter they get caught by the bug president. The president is no match for Cable. Cable, through a type of torture, learns how all the other continents were destroyed. The wheels begin to turn in the old man’s head and he thinks of Bishop. Eventually Cable heads to where it all began where he finds more tragedy.

The story is obviously gearing up to put Bishop in the path of Cable again. However, the main complaint I had with this issue was the ease of Bishop’s escape. Of sure, I get that he could take out the X team for a few minutes, but how would his arm be operational after Beast dismantled it? Also, those that he does battle leave him injured, so how and where does he escape to? To be fair, the comic has a bit of a mystery at the end that should help to make sense of this escape in future issues. I guess we’ll have to wait to see how this all unfolds.

One other problem, although minor, is the number of times that Cable gets caught off guard. He’s a master soldier! How can this happen?

The art has the usual style that has the backgrounds blurry and the faces and anatomy angled and lurchy at times. It’s an acquired taste, but it handles the load just fine.

The issue puts a definitive end to one major angle, but it sets things up very nicely for Bishop to find Cable and for Cable to find something that Cyclops buried for him. I can start to see how this is going to play out over the next few issues and I think it will be a fun read.

3 out of 5 geek goggles

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