Buyer’s Market: Avengers #57

by Matt Tuck

Avengers-57-202x300 Buyer's Market: Avengers #57If you’ve always wanted your very own copy of The Avengers #57, you are in luck. For the past year, prices have been gradually falling, and more than half the grades are at their lowest prices in two years.

Last year, we were treated to Avengers: Infinity War, and Vision was a major part of that storyline. Granted, he spent most of the film on the receiving end of abuse at the hands of either the Black Hand or Thanos himself, but his role was integral to the plot. While he had the mind stone ripped from his head and was – for all intents and purposes for the movie – deceased, we all know he isn’t going to stay dead for any longer than everyone else who turned to dust after the epic snap. Still, he had an emotional, heartfelt death scene that reverberated with fans. Shouldn’t that propel values for his first appearance? Not this time.

Heading into the April 2018 premiere of Infinity War, everything Avengers and Thanos were red hot. This year, things have been different. As I told you yesterday in “Iron Man #55 Price Drop,” even the Mad Titan isn’t immune from the falling values leading up to Endgame. 

In the case of Thanos, it makes sense. Let’s face it – we all know Thanos is going to bite the proverbial dust to give credibility to a new cast of heroes (most notably Captain Marvel) and make room for a new overarching, universal threat. While he’s still a major villain in the comics, his time in the MCU is drawing to a close, which will have collectors backing away from his key issues. But what about Vision? Despite having ample screen time in a movie crammed full of superheroes, Vision’s feature-length beat down may have left a sour taste in the mouths’ of collectors, which could help explain the lower values.

In terms of average sale prices, the higher grades of Avengers #57 are safe for the time being. In fact, everything from a 9.0 and above has gained value in the past 90 days. Where things get interesting is in the lower grades. Starting with the 6.0, four of the six lowest grades sold in 2019 have all lost value over the past 90 days. In the case of the 5.5, it has fallen $40 below its 2017 average. The 4.0, which set a record-high sale of $225 last year, hasn’t sold above $150 since last October.

Silver age keys are great investments, and Vision will always be one of the more popular Avengers. I have no doubt that he will be resurrected (and how many times has that happened in the comics already?) in Endgame, and he will be featured in future movies. Overall, the prognosis is good for his first appearance. That means that the falling values isn’t necessarily a bad thing, at least not for Vision fans who have been waiting to get their hands on Avengers #57. This is a time to rejoice and keep a close eye on the lower grades because your time to buy could soon be at hand.

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