Buy the Dip: A Carol Danvers Fire Sale is Happening

by Don Y

Buy-the-Dip-300x157 Buy the Dip: A Carol Danvers Fire Sale is HappeningWe all know that the value of key issues has risen dramatically, especially during the past year. This comic book boom has applied to the key issues for even second-tier characters such Spider-Woman, Nova, Beta Ray Bill, Red Hulk, and Kitty Pryde. Accordingly, for those of us who like to “buy the dip,” few opportunities exist today. Luckily for us, Carol Danvers is dipping plenty at the moment.

The Pandemic Drove Up Comic Values Across the Board

It seems like every time I check CoCollect’s Analyzer for pretty much any comic, values have increased from 50% to 100% in recent years. Because the pandemic drove up these prices, it stands to reason that once the world re-opens, we will see a decline in comic book values. Just as they did prior to the pandemic, people will spend their discretionary income on dining out, vacations, etc., and not on comics. Furthermore, the federal government will issue the final round of COVID-related stimulus checks in the coming weeks (FYI I drafted this article on March 10). It could be a good time to sell those books that you don’t want in your personal collection.

For those of us looking for a good deal right now, I would recommend snapping up key issues for Captain Marvel. She’s a bona fide A-list Marvel star, her last film grossed more than a billion dollars, and Kevin Feige has confirmed she will continue to play a major role in the MCU in the future. While some fans had mixed feelings about her first film, I feel confident that her next film will be a hit at the box office and among fans. Kevin Feige’s track record speaks for itself.

Major Keys for Carol Danvers are Down by 20% to 50%

All of Carol Danvers’ key issues have dropped dramatically in value. Considering that key issues for her MCU peers (e.g., Screen-Shot-2021-03-11-at-9.07.42-AM-200x300 Buy the Dip: A Carol Danvers Fire Sale is HappeningBlack Panther) and ever her understudy, Kamala Khan, have exploded in value, this drop in value for her books is especially remarkable.

Marvel Super-Heroes #13

Let’s first look at Marvel Super-Heroes #13. We all know this Silver Age key issue contains the first appearance of Carol Danvers (even though she only appears in a couple of panels). During the past three years, this book has decreased in value in EVERY single grade except for a CGC 1.5. For example, the value of CGC 8.5 copies of this book have decreased by nearly 52% during the past three years. If I owned this book, I’d be worried. If I didn’t own it, I’d see a buying opportunity.

Ms. Marvel #1

Similarly, let’s discuss Ms. Marvel #1. Similarly, during the past three years, this book’s value has dropped in every single grade except for a CGC 8.0. Even in that one grade was only up by 0.5%. CGC 9.8 copies of this book have decreased by over 36% during this period of time. Again,

Screen-Shot-2021-03-08-at-10.03.12-PM-1-197x300 Buy the Dip: A Carol Danvers Fire Sale is HappeningThis trend with Carol’s books extends to her Modern Age keys as well. For example, Avenging Spider-Man #9, which contains her first appearance as Captain Marvel in her new uniform, has also experienced major declines. During the past three years, this issue has decreased in value in every single grade. The value of CGC 9.8 copies of this book has decreased by nearly 26% during the past three years.

Closing Thoughts

Being a collector during the past year has been challenging; seemingly every single desirable comic has skyrocketed in price. Do you know of other key issues that have experienced a decline? Please let the rest of us know in the comments below!

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octoberland March 24, 2021 - 4:38 pm

hmm…I love the counter play. I moved all my copies before the film and haven’t checked back in. Buying the dips is smart. Thanks for the head’s up!

– Craig Coffman


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