Buy a Comic, Get a Lantern Ring for FREE

by Jeff

by Josh@TFAW

GLRings2 Buy a Comic, Get a Lantern Ring for FREE

If you’ve been following the events in the DCU, you know that exciting events are unfolding! Coming at you this November are seven very special DC issues. Each of these Blackest Night crossover issues will ship with a different Special-Edition Lantern Ring.

The cool thing is that we’re offering these sweet little rings to you at no additional charge.

The bummer thing is that we can’t ship them in flat mailers, so you’ll incur a small price jump in shipping. (Most customers will see only a $.50 or $1.00 difference.)

If you’d rather just order the comic book issue by itself, no problem! For those of you who do want the ring, just make sure the product title says something like: “Outsiders #24 w/ Violet Lantern Ring” and you’re good to go.

Didn’t get the Black Lantern ring the first time around? How about this: if you pre-order all seven of the Comic/Ring combos in a single order, you’ll be automatically entered into our Black Lantern Ring Contest to win one of 25 Black Lantern rings!

What do you think of DC’s Ring Promotion? Are you ordering any of these issues? Let us know below!

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