Buenaventura Press @ SDCC 2009: Booth #1732

by Jeff

51iII1KkIwL._SL160_ Buenaventura Press @ SDCC 2009: Booth #1732Media Release — We’re just about ready to head down to San Diego. Find us at booth #1732 just across the way from Giant Robot and in the vicinity of Fantagraphics, Last Gasp, etc…

New for the show!

We’ll have loads of new books this year including a limited amount of advanced copies of the following comics, so come by early if you plan on getting one:

Aviatrix #1 by Eric Haven
Boy’s Club #3 by Matt Furie
I Want You by Lisa Hanawalt
Injury #3 by Ted May and co.

Matt, Lisa, and Eric will all be at the show throughout the week, check the signing schedule below for times.

We also just got the main shipment in for:

The Complete Jack Survives by Jerry Moriarty and The Gigantic Robot by Tom Gauld.

Be one of the first to own a copy by picking one up in San Diego. These new BP titles are also now available in our webshop and in case you can’t make it out to San Diego. These two titles will be available in stores in August.

We’ll also have the above exclusive choice imports from Sweden, Italy, Japan, France, Germany, Portugal, and the UK, as well as mini’s, and more that we’ve gathered from our travels.

This will be the last major signing event for Kramers Ergot 7 as many of the contributors including the editor Sammy Harkham will be with us. We’re down to our last few hundred copies so if you’ve been holding out this is one of your last chances to get a copy and signed! We will not be reprinting this book.

San Diego Comic Con ’09 BP Signing Schedule

Thursday, July 23
1:00-3:00 – Johnny Ryan & Lisa Hanawalt
3:00-5:00 – Matt Furie & Aiyana Udesen
5:00-7:00 – Sammy Harkham & Eric Haven

Friday, July 24
12:00-1:00 – Matt Furie & Johnny Ryan
1:00-2:00 – Seth & Sammy Harkham
2:00-3:00 – Tim Hensley & Eric Haven
3:00-4:00 – Aiyana Udesen & Lisa Hanawalt
4:00-5:00 – Xaime Hernandez & Sammy Harkham
5:00-7:00 – Lisa Hanawalt & Matt Furie
6:00-7:00 – Johnny Ryan & Matt Furie

Saturday, July 25
12:00-1:00 – Matt Furie & Lisa Hanawalt
1:00-2:00 – Johnny Ryan & Aiyana Udesen
2:00-3:00 – Lisa Hanawalt & Eric Haven
3:00-4:00 – Matt Furie & Aiyana Udesen
4:00-5:00 – Matt Furie & Eric Haven
5:00-6:00 – Johnny Ryan & Lisa Hanawalt
6:00-7:00 – Xaime Hernandez, Seth, & Todd Hignite

Sunday, July 26
12:00-1:00 – Lisa Hanawalt & Leif Goldberg
1:00-2:00 – Leif Goldberg & Matt Furie
2:00-3:00 – Johnny Ryan & Matt Furie
3:00-4:00 – Lisa Hanawalt & Aiyana Udesen

See you there!
-Alvin Buenaventura

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