Bruce Lee in Comic Books: Special Marvel Edition #15

by Norman Robinson III

enter-the-dragon-bruce-lee-750x500-1-300x200 Bruce Lee in Comic Books: Special Marvel Edition #15Comics have portrayed many different types of martial artists over the years. Marvel has dozens of them, maybe even hundreds, none have sustained like Shang-Chi. In the 70s, martial arts was hugely popular, the first world-class martial artist to capture the imagination was Bruce Lee. His movie Enter the Dragon is a classic martial arts tale; even today people spoof and refer to that movie. Furthermore, before there was MMA; Bruce Lee was the embodiment of MMA. If you haven’t read his work Tao of Jeet Kune Do, it is worth a read for any would-be martial artist, and non-martial artists as well. His philosophical take on the martial arts is a must-read. Marvel recognized the popularity of the martial arts during that decade (the 1970s)  and tried to acquire the rights to the Kung Fu TV series but was rejected.

Instead, they attached Dr. Fu Manchu with rights from Sachs Roemer’s novels. This villain became Shang-Chi’s father. Early on the Special Marvel Edition #15 was originally patterned after Kung Fu, but Shang-Chi’s visual appearance would be modeled on Bruce Lee by the art of Paul Gulacy. Shang-Chi was deeply knowledgable of many aspects of unarmed combat and Wushu styles fighting styles including weapons. He is considered the best hand to hand fighter in Marvel. Does Shang-Chi’s might apply to the comic book speculation realm as well?



125152_807fb3927abb4e554456f9ac95036f19932f506e-200x300 Bruce Lee in Comic Books: Special Marvel Edition #15Special Marvel Edition #15

Bruce Lee has been given comic book form and with a great deal of respect for his abilities and fan base. That character is Shang-Chi. He is the Marvel version of Bruce and was portrayed magnificently in the 70s by Marvel Comics. The cover art is campy and fun but worthy, oh so worthy of collecting. Special Marvel Edition #15 is the first appearance of Shang-Chi with Jim Starlin’s art and a script from Steve Englehart. What kind of returns spin kicking returns will Shang-Chi throw?





GoCollect Returns:

Title Grade Cost Return
Special Marvel Edition #15-


9.8 $4,495 +89%
2-Year return 9.8 $4,495 +21%
1-Year return 9.8 $4,495 -12.6%
4-Months return 9.8 $4,495 +4.7%


KEVIN-FEIGE_SAYS_SHANG-CHI_SHOOTS_SOON_MCU_MARVEL-STUDIOS_-300x194 Bruce Lee in Comic Books: Special Marvel Edition #15Quite simply just like his real-life doppelganger (Bruce Lee) a strike from Shang-Chi in Special Marvel Edition #15 packs a wallop! For the last 20 years, that book has earned an +89% return, for the last 2-years that return is a solid +21%, then at one year, we have a slight drop -12%, perhaps only a faint. Not to be defeated, Shang-Chi steps up the attack with a “One-Inch Punch” and succeeds with positive +4.7%. All this regardless of the pandemic and its effects on the market. Yep, Shang-Chi knocks out some speculators with these returns.


The CGC Census for Special Marvel Edition #15 is plentiful at 2,460 in inventory. Yes, there are a ton of fans of Shang-Chi. After all, we have been waiting for this almost as long as a Black Widow movie (I know painful memory huh, no Widow for several MORE months!). Shang-Chi hopefully will premiere early in 2021. I have no doubt it will open up a whole new realm of Marvel characters and visceral combat, and I can’t wait!


125885_df7bae95920f578aee9aa53b85eafe52a612c8cc-197x300 Bruce Lee in Comic Books: Special Marvel Edition #15Conclusion

The cool thing about Shang-Chi is he is completely a normal human. He can summon some Chi-Force but mostly is just one bad mammer-jammer in a fight. Both Shang-Chi and Bruce Lee gave us insight into another world, the world of the martial artist. Shang-Chi has a loyal fan base much like Iron Man. I see that fan base expanding after his first movie.

This book Special Marvel Edition #15 has a catalyst in the next year or so, solid returns, reasonable CGC Census, and currently, a fine-plus (6.5) grade sells for $225 well within reach of many a pocketbook. If you don’t own one; it is time to put on a “Gi” and enter the speculative dojo, you don’t want to miss a lesson from Shang-Chi the Master of Kung Fu.


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