Brother Voodoo Keys: Worth Looking For?

by Matt Tuck

092721C-300x157 Brother Voodoo Keys: Worth Looking For?The rumors continue to swirl around Brother Voodoo coming to the MCU. Whether it’s now or later, he has a bright future in the MCU, and here are three keys you’ll want before he debuts.


When the news first broke that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was on the Marvel Studios agenda, the buzz for Brother Voodoo was on the lips of fans everywhere. It made sense. After all, Voodoo is a natural fit for the sequel considering his ties to not only magic but Doctor Strange as well. Marvel has been quiet on the subject. Still, it seems like a lock for Brother Voodoo to be included in the MCU in the near future.Brother-Voodoo-750x375-1-300x150 Brother Voodoo Keys: Worth Looking For?


Before he became Brother Voodoo, Jericho Drumm was a Haitian-born psychologist living in the United States. He returned to Haiti to visit his dying brother, where he gained mystical powers and became Brother Voodoo. While never ascending to major character status, he would replace Doctor Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme during the Dark Reign storyline. More recently, Drumm has been a member of the Savage Avengers title. 


Strange-Tales-169-199x300 Brother Voodoo Keys: Worth Looking For?STRANGE TALES #169

In 1973, Jericho Drumm debuted in the pages of Strange Tales. Ever since the speculation began that Brother Voodoo will make his MCU debut in the Doctor Strange sequel, this issue has become a rocket.

While there is still nothing official about his involvement in the movie, those ST #169 values are still reaching eye-popping figures. Take the 9.4. Two years ago, it had a fair market value of $815.

A year ago, the FMV increased to $1,194. This past June, one sold for an impressive $3,300, and a sale from August 3 netted over $2,800.

Doctor-Strange-48-195x300 Brother Voodoo Keys: Worth Looking For?DOCTOR STRANGE #48

The great part about collecting Brother Voodoo keys is that there are plenty of affordable options. In this era of collecting, that is not the easiest of tasks in the inflated market, especially for characters from the Silver and Bronze Ages.

While this issue does not feature a first appearance, it is the initial meeting between Voodoo and Strange. Naturally, this could prove to be a pivotal MCU moment for both characters.

At the moment, graded copies of Doctor Strange #48 are selling for not much more than the cost of having it graded. The last time a 9.8 traded hands online, it sold for just $59 in February.

New-Avengers-53-194x300 Brother Voodoo Keys: Worth Looking For?NEW AVENGERS #53

Sooner or later, Jericho Drumm will appear in the MCU, whether it is in the Doctor Strange sequel or not. When he finally arrives, it would be a safe bet that Marvel will elevate him to the level of Doctor Strange. That would pave the road for Voodoo to take up the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. It would also increase values for New Avengers #53, as this is when Voodoo became Sorcerer Supreme in the comics.

In March, a 9.8 for the standard edition sold for $70. Don’t forget there is a variant cover floating about the internet, and it last sold for $90 the same month.


For two years now, the rumors of Voodoo being cast for Multiverse of Madness have been steady, but the mystical side of the MCU presents an assortment of opportunities to include him in the Multiverse.

Not only could he easily pair with Doctor Strange, but he would fit nicely alongside Scarlet Witch or even Moon Knight. There are just too many ways to effectively use Jericho Drumm for Marvel to leave him on the shelf for much longer.

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000080221A_Games_2-Footer Brother Voodoo Keys: Worth Looking For?

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John October 5, 2021 - 11:13 am

Doctor Strange #48 actually does have a 1st appearance — Morgana Blessing

Arthur P October 6, 2021 - 9:51 am

Hi Matt, thanks for the post as always. I have something I want to sort out with the New Avengers book. #53 has long been the go to for the Doctor Voodoo speculation; however, if you take into consideration CGC’s own labeling of #53, it simply says “Brother Voodoo Cameo on last page”. Now, taking a look at #54, the label clearly states “Brother Voodoo becomes the new Sorcerer Supreme”, making this a clear case of cameo vs first full appearance. Taking into consideration all of the other notable cameo vs first full appearance (180/181, ASM 299/300, etc.), I think this article should be amended to include New Avengers #54 stating the differences and clarifying when Doctor Voodoo is actually anointed as our new Sorcerer Supreme.


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