Bronze Dippers: Five Issues Losing Their Luster?

by Matt Tuck

Movie and series announcements can spur the market, and that inevitably means inflated prices. While an issue can become the flavor of the month overnight, those higher prices can tip the scales against a key’s popularity in quick succession.

Listed below are five issues that have taken a significant drop in overall sales in the past month. They are listed by their current positions as of November 19 on the Hottest Comics for the Bronze Age list followed by the number of spots lost.

Moon-Knight-1-1980-201x300 Bronze Dippers: Five Issues Losing Their Luster?17. MOON KNIGHT #1 (-13)

The market can be fickle, and collectors have apparently had their fill of Moon Knight. A month ago, this was a top-five Bronze Age seller. Just as quickly as it rose to stardom, Moon Knight #1 has fallen outside the top 10. Of course, wait until Disney+ has a trailer for the Moon Knight live-action series, and this issue will rise again.






Tomb-of-Dracula-10-199x300 Bronze Dippers: Five Issues Losing Their Luster?42. TOMB OF DRACULA #10 (-25)

The first appearance of Blade will remain a force in the collector’s market, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t prone to the occasional drop now and again. Much of this can be credited to the inflated fair market values after a Blade movie reboot was announced last year. As we’re seeing with the Moon Knight keys, those high prices are off putting to collectors.





Devil-Dinosaur-1-195x300 Bronze Dippers: Five Issues Losing Their Luster?65. DEVIL DINOSAUR #1 (-30)

Along with Moon Knight and Blade, Devil Dinosaur’s first appearance benefited greatly from this past summer’s D23. During Marvel’s showcase at the expo, Devil Dinosaur was slated to become an animated series on Disney+. Initially, that led to high sales for both Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl’s first appearances, but collectors and investors have been backing away from Devil Dinosaur #1 in the past month. Being that it’s animated, the series won’t impact sales as much as it would if it were live action. Still, if the cartoon is a hit, this issue will bounce back.




Marvel-Spotlight-28-194x300 Bronze Dippers: Five Issues Losing Their Luster?82. MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #28 (-56)

The second Moon Knight issue on the list, and it happens to be his first solo adventure. As collectors shift away from Moon Knight, again I lean toward escalating prices as the culprit for its fall in popularity. As I advised with Moon Knight #1, don’t fret if you are holding onto your copy of Marvel Spotlight #10. By the time Marvel/Disney release the first trailer, investors will be falling over themselves for anything Moon Knight. My advice at this point is to hang tight and be patient. However, if you are looking to buy, don’t expect this issue to get any cheaper until after the series premieres and the hype wears off.




What-if-10-191x300 Bronze Dippers: Five Issues Losing Their Luster?89. WHAT IF…? #10 (-41)

I continue to argue that What If…? #10 is the first appearance of Thordis, not the Goddess of Thunder (which you can read more about in “What If…#10 Isn’t the First Appearance of the Thunder Goddess,” but I digress). This past summer, What If…? #10 and Thor #1 were two of the hottest comics on the market. As with most other issues on today’s list, the investment became too expensive. If you paid one of the elevated prices, don’t despair; everyone will get excited about this issue again when the Marvel hype machine gears up for the new Thor movie.

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Jerome Manfre December 3, 2019 - 9:04 am

Good stuff Matt and I couldn’t agree anymore. Understood that these characters are not the heavy hitters as Wolverine, nor will they ever be. With that being said, it happens all too often when announcements are made for such characters entering the MCU or even an animated show in the works. I was fortunate enough to start my collection 40+ yrs ago and I’ll stick with collecting Pre Code Horrors and fillers in my Silver collection as i already have most all Bronze books. At least the ones i wanted anyhow.


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