Broccoli USA Final Warehouse Sale

by Jeff

Broccoli USA will have its final warehouse sale on Friday, 12/12/08.

Date: 12/12/08 (Fri)
Time: 3pm – 7pm

1728 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90035
TEL: 310-815-0604

Rules & Guidelines
Credit cards will NOT be accepted at the warehouse sale. Please bring small bills.

* Space is limited & only FIVE people will be let in at a time.
Sorry, no appointments.

* To be fair for those who are waiting, there will be a 15 minute time limit to shop (provided there are people waiting). You may get back in the line, if you would like to shop some more.

* Also to be fair for those who are waiting, shoppers are limited to ONE FULL BOX at a time. Shoppers will be assigned boxes & once the box is full of merchandise, it will be sealed & sent out along w/ you. (This will also give you time to take things back to your car in batches) You may get back in the line, if you would like to shop some more.

* Items will NOT be put on “hold” for anyone.


Here are a list of items that will be available at the warehouse sale.
Limited to supplies on hand.

(the list will continue to update throughout the week)

* Screentones – $5 per box
One box contains roughly 500 screentones. You will not be able to select which tones you get, but we’ll try to mix the different designs as much as possible.

* Manga paper – $1 for 10 packs
Doujinshi & professional paper sizes available. Paper w/ grid marks & no grid marks; 110kg weight (light) and 135kg weight (heavy). 40 sheets per pack.

* Tools – $1 for 5 units
Burnisher, cutter, eraser, ruler, etc.

* Line pen – $3 per box
One box contains 10 pens. Some boxes have mixed sizes (boxes will be marked if mixed).
Please do NOT open the boxes.

* Ink & Whites – $1 for 5 units

* Light Box – $10 each
Three units available.

* Manga Supply Kit – $10 each
Two units available.

* Small Accessories – $1 for 20 units
Button pin, enamel pin, key chain, zipper charm, rubber stamp, pen & pencil, eraser, ruler, sticker, pencil board, clear file folder, trading card deck case, trading card sleeve, memo pad.

* Medium Accessories – $1 for 10 units
Wash towel, fan, stationery set, cell phone strap, pencil case, wrist band, arm band, bandana, draw-string bag, plastic pouch, notebook.

* Large Accessories – $1 for 5 units
Cushion, plush / stuffed animal, headband

* Trading Figures – $1 for 10 units

* Figures, Blister Pack – $1 ~ $3 each

* Figures, Window Box – $3 ~ $10 each

* Import CD – $1 each

* T-shirt
* Hat (Di Gi Charat, Disgaea, FLCL)
* Broccoli Books graphic novel & art book
* Synch-Point DVD

* $5, $10 and $20 bags available.
Limited to supply on hand.

CASH ONLY. Please bring small bills.

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