Bristol International Comic Expo – Update Two

by Jeff


April 18th, Bristol UK – Three weeks and counting until the UK’s biggest comics convention at the British Empire & Commonwealth Exhibition Hall on 10th and 11th May 2008, and this week we reveal more of the new books, offers and EXpo EXclusives on show.

The Bristol International Comic Expo website will be updated this weekend with these details and more on the panel rundown for the weekend. In addition, the Virtual Bristol Anthology returns this year – – a chance for readers to preview some of the new books available at Bristol, and reserve a copy in advance or order a copy if you sadly can’t make it this time.

Time Bomb Comics are first-time exhibitors, launching their second title ‘Dick Turpin And The Restless Dead’, a one-shot blend of Highwaymen, Zombies and Mayhem. They’ll also have their first title available – the ‘Ragamuffins:Stitches In Time’ one-shot, sample pages and cover image can be found at

Planet Ruskin bring their London-based comedy horror book, The Zombies Ate My Chilean. The story begins with four friends (Rich, Alex, Ricky and Greg) waking up to discover that they can’t remember what had happened the night before. As it was Rich’s birthday the night before, there were more friends involved in going out that night. It soon turns out they don’t remember either. But while getting some hangover food, Rich gets a creepy call from a friend Dave. It turns out that Dave is the only one who does remember! Before he gets a chance to explain the phone cuts and leaves the gang startled. They soon race to Dave’s house to find Dave dragged out of his house in two body bags with most of his body eaten! It’s now up to the remaining fourteen to discover what happened on Rich’s birthday before the rest of them turn out the same way as Dave. This book brings a new element to the Zombie genre as its storyline is set to step where zombie stories haven’t gone before. It’ll be a completely new direction with a witty modern script already mentioned by various fans of the book. Issue three will debut at Bristol, but the first two will also be available: this comic is based on ACTUAL UNDEAD EVENTS!

Self-Made Hero bring their Manga Shakespeare series to the Bristol Expo, with Paul Duffield signing and sketching with his book, The Tempest, and Kate Brown hers, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Paul will also bring along the Expo Exclusive Artbook, containing a full colour version of Sojourn (as seen in Best New Manga 2) and Kate has her Expo Exclusive mini-comic featuring Day at the Beach and The Monster in the Well. Add in Freakangels and free sweets…

Bristol sees the first foray into comics by video games concept artist Ross Burt, in the form of the premiere issue of crazy graffiti space adventure series ‘Astrofunk’ – with posters and t-shirts also available.

The Underfire Comics table at the Bristol Expo this year will have ‘Underfire Comics Presents: Rock Night’, and ‘The Human DK Dynamic! Part 1’ by Dan Cox and Bob Molesworth. Rock Night will have exclusive convention-only postcard sets available too.

As well as the 18 previous Banal Pig publications by Steve Tillotson and Gareth Brookes, brand new for the Bristol Expo will be the full colour Banal Pig Funnies comic, 32 pages of 3 panel humour strips by Steve Tillotson with guest strips by Oliver “Trains Are Mint” East, Dan Lester and Jim Medway amongst others.

Inspired by others, comics podcasts ( from a UK perspective were created. So whether you’re looking for a guide through the murky world of geekdom (Geek Syndicate), a trans-Atlantic view on comics from the women of (Birds of Geek), the true antidote to the average comic book podcast (Quiet! Panelologists at Work), another view of comics from a woman’s perspective (Comic Racks) or some hidden gems from the world of independent comics (Comic Book Outsiders), the UK comic book podcasts group has it all. Hosts from all of the UK comic book podcasts will be appearing on a panel on Sunday to answer your questions about podcasting and comics.

Fried Brain Productions and creator George Terran will bring two main projects to the Bristol Expo: Chimera and Altered State. Chimera is basically a traditional Film-Noir but with Supernatural qualities. It is a story set in Paris 2022 and follows Gabriel “Gabe” Vaugn – an agent of InterPol as he investigates the death of his brother and the mysterious suicides that are occurring in Paris. Along the way, Gabe finds out about a new drug that is about to hit the streets called, Chimera – a drug that allows the user to actually experience Heaven. The first issue will be launched at the Expo, with the artist Nathan Kilburn also in attendance. Altered State is a 6-issue mini-series, set about 100 years in the future and is about the tug-o-war social and political struggle of the English society when Mankind begins its next stage of evolution. As well as this story-line, Altered State has a bigger brother called Altered State Community Comic. This is an online comic where new writers and artists can come on board and produce a short story based in and around Altered State. The tag-line for the Community Comic is: “Everyone has their story to tell”. Altered State Community Comic is an opportunity for new writers and artists to get their work produced and released into the world. It also means that the world of Altered State will continue to grow as new teams come in and produce stories.

Simia Comics will be at the Bristol Expo, bringing along their “Ape In A Spacesuit” comics to giveaway free, gratis and for nothing … this is the demo version of the full comic with placeholder art, and Simia will review portfolios and talk to interested artists who would like to come on board for the full series. So bring your work to Colin at Simia Comics and the gig could be yours…

Steve’s Black Bat Comics are a first time Bristol Expo dealer, specialising in old comics – they’ll be bringing loads of great old Marvels, DCs and indies, including issue one of the Avengers, X Men and Silver Surfer, as well as some old British comics and some old carded superhero figures.

Urban Rivals is the world’s busiest online trading card game ( and at the Bristol Expo they will launch their “Search for an Art Star” contest. They’re looking for 2 freelance character artists for the UK and US ( and will have packs available for interested artists, the deadline for submitting artwork is May 31st 2008.

Captain Bristol is a full time super hero with no time for a secret identity. With his trusty, well available sidekick Miss Splendid, he fights crime, protects the week and beats up Chavs. His mission is to free the city of the towny scum and make this fair city a better and safer place to live. Carrying his CB-branded shield of Justice, rope and razor sharp, lightning fast wit, he foils the schemes of the wicked and is a paragon of honour ( Captain Bristol badges, t-shirts, posters and comics will be at the Bristol Expo, along with his creator, Alex Morgan, and the latest copy of Bristol’s Suit Yourself magazine.

NCsoft Europe will be at the Bristol Expo for their fourth year running, and for the third year running they’ll be hosting the Draw the World Together team, the charity project started by Andrew Wildman. As in previous years, visitors to their stand can get anything and everything they want sketched by the DTWT artists in exchange for a charitable donation. This year they’ll feature Neil Edwards and Simon Williams on the stand for the entire weekend, with Andrew joining on Sunday. They’ll also no doubt have some special ‘guest appearances’ by Andie Tong, Mike Collins and probably plenty of other folk. Their biggest exclusive this year, launching at the Bristol Expo, is the first Draw the World Together/NCsoft Sketchbook, featuring characters from our games City of Heroes/City of Villains. Visitors will be able to pick up the sketchbook (32 pages black and white interiors) for just a £5 donation to Draw the World Together’s chosen charity, EveryChild. There are only 500 copies of the sketchbook available so it’s strictly limited and will go fast no doubt! Finally as last year, they’ll be selling bargain priced games on the stand including best-sellers such as the Guild Wars trilogy, City of Heroes/City of Villains and Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa.

In July 2008 Insomnia Publications ( will release “Cages”, by amazing Australian duo, Xander Bennett and Melanie Cook with an awesome cover by Jonathan Hickman of “The Nightly News” (Published by Image) and foreword written by “30 Days of Night”, “Fell” and “Wormwood’s” Ben Templesmith. Insomnia will have proof copies of the 120 page full color book on sale at their table at the Bristol Expo but, be advised, they are in limited supply of only 20 copies.

Layer Zero Graphic Novel will also be on sale. With over 30 creators involved; including some famous names in the industry including Simon “Cy” Dethan, Paul Green and Thomas Mauer (the Eagle award-nominated Starship Troopers) along with talents such as Paul Cartwright, Alasdair Duncan, Luke Hinchley, Mike Webster, Robert Robinson, Thommy Melanson and many more; and diverse creative styles on themes of Insomnia and Time, this 120 page, full colour book is not to be missed.

51J6gz4KytL._SL160_ Bristol International Comic Expo - Update Two
Layer Zero

Free copies of Daemon issue one will be available to the first 1000 people on the Saturday morning in the Bristol Expo’s goodie bag; Alasdair Duncan’s novel, The Kill Cell, will be on sale along with a selection of posters by Paul Cartwright and Paul Green.

51oDFcdIolL._SL160_ Bristol International Comic Expo - Update Two
The Kill Cell
by Alasdair Duncan

Insomnia Publications will also be previewing a book currently in production due for release later in the year, Cancertown. The first chapter can be viewed at the Insomnia Publications stand. Cy “Starship Troopers” Dethan writer of the book, Stephen Downey, incredible Irish pencil and ink talent, and Nic Wilkinson, lovely letterer, will all be present at the show.

Over the weekend Insomnia Publications will be reviewing creator portfolios. They will have a board with times on the days so please be sure to look at this first thing to avoid disappointment. Artists and Letterers, please bring samples for on the spot review and cards or work examples for Insomnia to take away; Writers, please submit packs and pitches including concept art if possible; Creative teams, please provide a full pitch with first ten pages complete.

Crawford Coutts, Managing Director of Insomnia Publications said: “I am very excited about this show as we have come a long way since last year and proud to present our new line up of comics. This is just the beginning.”

The Bristol International Comic Expo 2008 will be held over the weekend of 10th and 11th May 2008 at the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum and the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Bristol, England, with an early bird film night on Friday 9th May. Full details are available on the official website, – including ticket ordering details, just £6 for adults for each day, accompanied children free, ages 12-16 just one pound.

In the next update – Tony Lee vs Geek Syndicate – Rock And Roll Romance – Best New Manga 2 – Crikey! – Peckerwood – A Legion of Stupid Heroes – ImagineFX – Velica – Zip Gun Comics – And More – Not to mention finally, finally: the exact details of the special Expo Children’s Area are revealed – aka the Comics Village Fete, it’s suitable for children of all ages, including those of more advanced years who are just young at heart…

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