James Gunn and Jason Momoa Tease a Potential Lobo Movie

by Matt Tuck

111022G-1024x536 James Gunn and Jason Momoa Tease a Potential Lobo MovieWith speculation running rampant thanks to James Gunn and Jason Momoa, now is the time to invest in Lobo. Lucky for you, I’ve got a shopping guide ready.

James Gunn shares Lobo pic on Mastodon Social. Jason Momoa makes some veiled comments. Lobo fans lose their minds.

When Gunn and Peter Safran took over DC’s media wing, the writing was on the wall. Thanks to some social media teases, we might finally see Lobo get his live-action spotlight. Cross your fingers that Gunn will handle this one himself.

James-Gunn-Lobo-pic-215x300 James Gunn and Jason Momoa Tease a Potential Lobo Movie

Earlier this week, the DC Studios’ co-chair made his presence known on the Twitter alternative, Mastodon Social (not to be confused with Mastodon the amazing metal band). He did so in grand fashion, posting a picture of Lobo, which sent fans into a frenzy.

To add fuel to the speculative fire, Jason Momoa has said that Gunn’s leadership opens the door for his dream project…and it wasn’t Aquaman. I can’t imagine him shifting gears to play two DC characters, but it’s being interpreted online as another sign that the Main Man is coming. 

With that in mind, it’s time to jump on the Lobo bandwagon if you haven’t already. As I have written so many times before, after Deadpool established that audiences want R-rated superhero action-comedies, this is the time for the intergalactic bounty hunter to make his mark in the mainstream. Lucky for collectors and speculators, there’s more to Lobo than just his first appearance.


Omega-men-3-194x300 James Gunn and Jason Momoa Tease a Potential Lobo Movie

Maybe there are other key issues on the list, but at the top remains the star of the collection, Omega Men #3. If you follow the Hottest/Coldest Comics blogs, you will recognize this as one of the frequent fliers. Starting now, it should be firmly nestled in the former. 

What we really want to know is how the prices have been affected. For the past 90 days, the price tag for a 9.8 has been firmly planted at $281. As you may have suspected, the recent news is pushing it upwards. Since Tuesday, it has sold for anywhere from $300-$350 six times. If you’re going to make a move, now is the time to do it before things become official.


Omega-Men-37-190x300 James Gunn and Jason Momoa Tease a Potential Lobo Movie

Three years after making his debut, Lobo would get his first solo story in the pages of Omega Men #37. As we have seen with many other keys, especially those of the Marvel variety, this is proving to be the next-best option when the first appearance and the first cover are out of reach.

Granted, we’re far from that point now, but Omega Men #37 still could prove to be a wise investment. There hasn’t been a graded 9.8 to sell online since 2014 when a copy brought $100.


Adventures-of-Superman-464-201x300 James Gunn and Jason Momoa Tease a Potential Lobo Movie

This could very well prove to be the sleeper pick of today’s list. There’s plenty of talk about what could happen in Man of Steel 2 and possibly 3. As I mentioned in “Three Perfect Antagonists for ‘Man of Steel 2’ & the Keys to Watch,” Lobo could be a great addition to one or both of those films.

The word around the internet is that WB Discovery is looking to make Superman the centerpiece of the DCU. Introducing Lobo in an MOS movie could be on the table, and that would make their first meeting in Adventures of Superman #464 a hot item. There hasn’t been a graded 9.8 to sell online since one went for $60 in 2020.


Lobo-1-195x300 James Gunn and Jason Momoa Tease a Potential Lobo Movie

The other issue that you’ll want on your shopping list is Lobo’s first self-titled comic from 1990. The cover art features his classic portrait, which is another selling point for owning a copy. Although the 30-day average stands at $95, prices are inflating. Like Omega Men #3, Tuesday saw values swell with one copy hitting $185.


Nothing is official, but the hints indicate Lobo is coming. In the right hands, he is a major star waiting to happen. Whether it’s a feature film or an HBO Max series, Gunn can make him the most talked-about superhero this side of The Boys. He’s DC’s answer to Deadpool, and I could even see the two having a potential crossover at some point (if the powers that be are willing). It’s Lobo’s time to shine.

00080221C_Green-Footer James Gunn and Jason Momoa Tease a Potential Lobo Movie*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Kenloi November 15, 2022 - 4:33 am

Never been a Jason Mamoa fan but recently saw Aquaman and apart from the annoying in score music and confusing but interesting cgi and too fast storyline i watched the entire movie without falling asleep. It was better than expected. Despite being an Adam Ant, whoops sorry Johnny Depp fan Amber Heard was ok in it…


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