Brazen Bombshells

by Norman Robinson III

721112_86ec5af322357e7095c5b75c406ac6718c71697d-195x300 Brazen Bombshells

Frank Cho created the cover of Jungle Girl #4 (Season 2). Sexy in distress is Frank Cho’s mastery, and his version of Jungle Girl is a bombshell. These books are worth reading, but the art is off the hook. As a collector, or speculator don’t bet on anything less than a CGC (9.8) grade. Also, any and all signature series is probably reasonable speculation based on price, cheaper the better. This is just one of his brazen cover girls.

Cho has even drawn the adventurous Red Sonja adorning many covers for Dynamite Comics. He did the art for Red Sonja #13 (2006). That guy can bring one heck of a battle scene, and his version of Red Sonja is my personal favorite. Unfortunately, that cover is not worth a lot, currently it sells for around $1.99 in most second-hand stores. Only purchase this in CGC slab of (9.8) and if you can pick up a signature series, then do so.

Gil Kane did his version of Red Sonja also; a buxom bombshell from the Bronze Age of comics. Her first cameo appearance is in Conan the Barbarian #23. The script was by Roy Thomas and pencils by the team of Gil Kane and Batty Windsor-Smith. Big Red begins her quest for glamour, glory, and gold with swashbuckling panache. She is a true she-tiger of the Hyborian Age. This bombshells adventures and misadventures are every bit as spectacular as Conan’s. This is the only other character strong enough to match Conan’s exploits blow for blow. Robert Howard’s Hyboria is a more exciting creation with Big Red then without her.

It is doubtful that we will see another Red Sonja movie anytime soon. Therefore no catalyst exists for this speculation. However, the numbers are very favourable for returns even on low-grade books. For instance, Conan the Barbarian #23 with a grade in the (7.0) range has sold for $55 (GoCollect). This represents 120% return in under 24 months. This is high yield for a comic that has not moved much in the past twenty years.

Wonder Woman for President

During the Golden Age of comics, Wonder Woman crossed many barriers but none more significant than running for President! Wonder Woman Publishing Company originally published Wonder Woman #7 on December 10, 1943. The cover depicts ladies and men at a political rally cheering on Wonder Woman for president. At this rally, one of the people in the march is holding a sign that says, “Wonder Woman 1000 years into the future!” (Gal Gadot gets my vote!) Imagine that folks, the women during the 1940’s were strong, vibrant leaders, looking toward the future.

Wonder Woman #7 is a rock solid investment. During the last three months; this WW #7 has sold for $2,145 with a (2.0) grade. If you take the time frame out 24 months, a (2.5) readable copy has risen in value 70%. This thrilling Golden Age cover deserves to be in my pantheon of brazen bombshells. Wonder Woman’s quote of the year to the women of 2017 from the women of 1943 is, “We are our own masters.” (Wikiquote) Modern, Bronze, or Golden Age the depiction of strong females with an ever-increasing fan base, is fait accompli. Hopefully, this trend will continue into the distant future. After all, we could use a bigger roster of brazen bombshells.

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