Bracco’s BIRTH Available On iTunes

by Jeff

birth_itunes Bracco's BIRTH Available On iTunesMedia Release — Issues #1, 2, and 3 of Michael Bracco’s BIRTH are now available on the Apple iTunes marketplace as BIRTH: AQUAN & TERAN WAR #1-3 (0f 3)! Published by Robot Comics and bundled with the new iRobot Comics Viewer, BIRTH chronicles a story far more unusual and surprising than mobile users are accustomed to! Issue #1 is offered for free download. Issue #2 is available for the price of $0.99. Issue #3, which will conclude the GN, is to be released shortly.

“The ultimate cautionary anti-war fable, blending fantasy and sci-fi elements into something wholly its own. Bracco’s art is jaw-dropping eye-candy, and the story is a fantastic mesh of text and visuals. This is a tale made to be a comic – it’d be extraordinarily expensive as a film, and perhaps overly didactic as pure text, but as the graphic novel BIRTH, it’s pitch-perfect. It’s got style, atmosphere and ambiance to spare. And it’s very intelligent and imaginatively executed. A book worth your time and money, no doubt whatsoever. ” –Broken Frontier

“Birth is a swift, smooth read.” – Tom Slaski,

Created, Written, and Illustrated by Michael S. Bracco, originally published by Alterna Comics, Birth: Aquan & Teran War is adapted by Robot Comics to create a version specifically formatted for mobile devices. The mobile adaptation of is also available for Android mobiles through the Android Market.


Two doomed alien species, the Aquans and Terans, are at the brink of extinction. Their only solace is in placing blame on each other for their own evolutionary shortcomings. Blame quickly turns to hatred which escalates to a devastating war, decimating the two great cultures. Now all but dead, their only chance is to find peace and hope where only resentment has ever existed, in each other. Michael Bracco (Novo, Adam Wreck, Jesus Hates Zombies) writes and draws a fantastic epic of a planet where death is necessary for Birth.

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