Boston Comic Con moves to a new venue with an all-star lineup

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boston_comic_con Boston Comic Con moves to a new venue with an all-star lineupMedia Release — After three years the Boston Comic Con has outgrown its old venue and is happy to announce its relocation to the Westin Waterfront in South Boston. And with the new bigger, location, Boston Comic Con is bringing its biggest lineup of comic book creators ever on April 10-11, 2010!

Jim Lee is a superstar in the comic industry. He created a massive fan following in the 90s drawing X-Men before leaving Marvel to co-found Image Comics. His studio, Wildstorm, now falls under the DC Comics banner where he has worked on their flagship titles, Batman and Superman. He recently helped create the DC Universe Online MMORPG.

Mike Mignola is the creator of Hellboy, one of the most popular indie characters in comics. With two feature films, animated videos, toys, spinoff series, and more Hellboy is an international sensation. Mike has also done feature film work on Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and is currently working with frequent collaborator Guillermo del Toro on The Hobbit.

Eric Powell has worked on many title including Action Comics, Star Wars Tales, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But he found success with his critically acclaimed series The Goon. Eric is adapting the Goon into an animated feature film with director David Fincher.

Gene “The Dean” Colan has a long and illustrious career in comics starting in the Golden Age. He is best known for his long runs on Tomb of Dracula, Daredevil, and his collaboration with Steve Gerber on Howard the Duck. Now a resident of Vermont, Gene continues to draw comics recently having worked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Blade (a character he co-created), and Captain America. Boston Comic Con is honored to host this living legend!

Mark Chiarello is a graduate of Pratt Institute and as a painter worked on Batman/Houdini, countless covers for both Marvel and DC, and was the original colorist for Mike Mignola’s Hellboy. After becoming the Art Director of DC Comics, he edited the high profile and critically acclaimed series Batman: Black & White, Solo, and this past summer’s Wednesday Comics. Mark has also published a book of portraits of baseball players from the Negro Leagues. Boston Comic Con is honored to have him as guest and happy to announce that he will conduct a limited number of portfolio reviews. This is a rare opportunity for artists to show their work to the man in charge of the look of the DC Universe.

JH Williams III is an amazing illustrator known for his work on Promethea, Desolation Jones, Seven Soldiers of Victory, and many, many covers. With an art style that is constantly evolving, Williams continually pushes the boundaries of storytelling and design. His recent work on Detective Comics featuring Batwoman has garnered a heap of critical praise. Don’t miss this rare talent!

Bill Sienkiewicz is Emmy nominated and Eisner award winning artist, best known for revamping the style of comic and graphic novel illustration from 1980 onward, most notably with on Elektra: Assassin, Moon Knight, New Mutants and his acclaimed graphic novel Stray Toasters. A classically trained painter, Bill’s renderings incorporate abstract and expressionist influences and any combination of oil painting, acrylics, watercolor, mixed-media collage and mimeograph; previously unheard of in comics.

Steve Rude is best known for co-creating the groundbreaking series Nexus. He has worked for all the major comic book publishers including Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Dark Horse Comics, drawing all the major characters including Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Thor, X-Men, Captain America, and many more.

Skottie Young cut his teeth doing the art for New Warriors, Human Torch, and New X-Men. His current project, a faithful adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, has garnered him widespread critical acclaim. He is an up-and-comer in the comics industry and a popular fan favorite.

Ben Templesmith is an Australian illustrator best known for his horror work including the co-creation of the vampire series 30 Days of Night, which was subsequently adapted into a motion picture, and Fell with collaborator Warren Ellis. His other projects include the critically acclaimed serial Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, Welcome to Hoxford, and Singularity 7, all of which he also wrote.

Billy Tan is making a big splash at Marvel penciling titles like X-23, Uncanny X-Men, and New Avengers. His latest project is drawing the Asgardian Thunder God, Thor. Billy began his career at Top Cow in the mid-90s after emigrating from Malaysia. Besides drawing comics, he also freelances in illustration, design, and storyboards.

Joe Jusko is one of the most recognized painters in the comic book industry. His career began at age 17 with a cover to Heavy Metal magazine which led to many more covers including a long run painting the covers of Savage Sword of Conan. Joe has worked for almost every major comic book publisher, producing hundreds of images for both covers and interiors, and his Marvel Masterpieces Trading Card series in the early 90s is credited with starting the trading card collecting boom. His recent work includes a fully painted Tomb Raider graphic novel, which won a Certificate of Merit from the prestigious Society of Illustrators.

Michael Golden’s realistic style and dynamic designs have influenced a generation of artists who grew up idolizing his work on Micronauts, G.I. Joe, Dr. Strange, The ‘Nam, Howard the Duck and more. He has also worked extensively in commercial illustration and animation. After a long hiatus from comic books, Michael has returned to the industry to great acclaim from fans and peers alike. The Boston Comic Con is excited to bring such an iconic artist to New England.

Jim Starlin created waves writing and drawing many of Marvel’s cosmic titles in 70s and creating the villain Thanos. His work on Silver Surfer, Infinity Gauntlet, and The Death of Captain Marvel reverberate to this day.

Jim Mahfood (aka Food One) got his big break drawing the Clerks comics for Kevin Smith. His published work includes his creator-owned Grrl Scouts and Ultimate Team Up, What The?, and Generation X Underground Special for Marvel. Jim is also well known for his live art murals demonstrations. He recently sold an animated project to Disney.

Cameron Stewart comes to Boston all the way from Montreal. He frequently works in collaboration with writer Grant Morrison on Seaguy, Seven Soldiers: The Manhattan Guardian, and, most recently, Batman & Robin. His art has also graced the pages of the critically acclaimed series Catwoman and The Other Side, for which he travelled to Vietnam for extensive research.

Joe Quinones is a Boston artist who is on the rise in comics. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, he worked on Teen Titans Go! before being hand-picked to draw the Green Lantern strip in this past summer’s Wednesday Comics. Make sure to come out and meet this local boy making a splash in the comic book biz.

Craig Rousseau began his career at DC Comics on such titles as Harley Quinn, Batman Beyond, Gotham Adventures, and Impulse. He is currently working on Iron Man: Armor Wars after a successful run on Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane with writer Terry Moore. Craig is also the co-creator of the indy comic hit The Perhapanauts.

Christopher Golden is an award-winning horror writer with several novels to his credit. A Massachusetts native, he frequently collaborates with fellow guest Tom Sniegoski and who co-wrote the lavishly illustrated novel Baltimore, or, The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire with Mike Mignola. His comics work includes BPRD, Talent, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel.

Norman Lee has been a professional comics creator for close to 15 years. After graduating with a BFA from UMASS-Dartmouth, Norman’s ink has covered every major character in the Marvel Universe. Most recently he is working on such titles as Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man, Marvel Adventures: Avengers, and Exiles.

Pat Broderick began his career in the early 70s and made a name for himself illustrating long runs on Captain Marvel and Micronauts. Pat has also worked in animation for Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and other shows. Be sure to check out his new series Man-O-War from Bluewater Press.

Tom Sniegoski is a novelist and comic book scripter who has worked for every major company in the comic book industry. He has written tales featuring such characters as Hellboy, Batman, Wolverine, Devil Dinosaur, and the Punisher. His comic book work also includes Stupid, Stupid Rat Tails, a prequel miniseries to the international hit, Bone. Tom has collaborated several times with fellow Boston Comic Con guests Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden, and Eric Powell.

The Boston Comic Con is in its fourth year of producing independent comic book shows and is committed to bringing the biggest and best comic book show to New England. The Boston Comic Con hosts over 22,000 square feet of vendors selling comic books, toys, posters, trading cards, and other pop culture memorabilia. The event will be held Saturday April 10th and Sunday April 11th at the Westin Waterfront, 425 Summer Street, Boston, MA from 10am to 5pm. Admission is $15 each day. For more information please go to our website at

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