BOOM! Studios In Stores Today, 1/04/08

by Jeff

Here are the BOOM! Studios titles that are in stores this week (1/04/08).


Cover Girl TPB
Written by Andrew Cosby & Kevin Church
Drawn by Mateus Santolouco
Cover by Rafael Albuquerque
SC, 6×9, 128pgs, FC SRP: $14.99

Experience the tongue-and-cheek action adventure sensation that Newsarama called “some of the wittiest comic dialog …in a long time.” He’s Alex Martin, the down-on-his-luck actor whose star is rising thanks to a roadside rescue caught on tape. She’s Rachel Dodd, the bodyguard assigned to keep him alive after several mysterious attempts on his life. Will Rachel be able to keep Alex alive long enough to get to the bottom of the attacks on the actor? Will Alex be able to keep his hair perfect the entire time? Andrew Cosby (Sci-Fi’s Eureka, X Isle) and Kevin Church (Cthulhu Tales, What Were They Thinking?!?) team up with artists Mateus Santolouco, R.M. Yankovicz and others to tell the story of two people that are trying to stay alive now, if only to kill each other later. Collecting all five issues.

North Wind #1
Written by David DiGilio
Cover by Andrew Huerta
Art by Alex Cal
24pgs, FC (1 of 5) SRP: $3.99

The future: mankind has suffered a disaster. Where there was once a lush, thriving planet, there is now only glaciers and snow. The cities that still stand are buried under the surface in caves of ice. Skinrunners trade valuable pelts for rations, warmth and survival. Into this violent, damaged world, a hero will rise… in the vein of Mad Max and The Road Warrior and for fans of Antony Johnson’s Wasteland.

Read it for FREE at MySpace/comicbooks, then buy it at your Local Comic Book Store!

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