Boom! Studios Debuts New Miniseries Hexed

by Jeff

October 19, 2008 – Los Angeles, CA – BOOM! Studios announced today its exciting new mini-series HEXED, written by horror sensation Michael Alan Nelson (FALL OF CTHULHU) with art by Emma Rios and colors by Cris Peter.

“This is, honestly, everything I look for in a series and in a first issue,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid. “Michael’s got his craft down better than just about anyone, and his ideas are terrific. Weird and chilling and compellingly disturbing, but terrific. Okay, actually, the boy clearly needs therapy. But HEXED is great.”

HEXED follows nineteen-year-old Luci Neves, a.k.a. “Lucifer,” a Brazilian thief who specializes in the otherworldy and the enchanted. Ordinary crooks can rob banks. Lucifer’s the girl you call when you need someone to steal a demon’s collar, a feather from an angel’s wings, or the hinges off the gates of Hell itself. Luci’s life has been plagued by macabre adventures and ethereal encounters, and now that an ill-satisfied client from her past has come back to haunt her…well, there may be no place in any dimension left for her to run!

OCT083924F Boom! Studios Debuts New Miniseries Hexed
Hexed #1 (of 4) (Cover A)
OCT083925F Boom! Studios Debuts New Miniseries Hexed
Hexed #1 (of 4) (Cover B)

HEXED, the brand-new series by Michael Alan Nelson (the critically acclaimed author of FALL OF CTHULHU) and hot new art talent Emma Rios, delivers a whole new take on the supernatural detective thriller!

Best-known for his work on FALL OF CTHLUHU, Michael Nelson has also written DOMINION and SECOND WAVE as well as the upcoming series LAST REIGN and the forthcoming FALL OF CTHULHU: APOCALYPSE. BOOM! has given Nelson almost unprecedented creative autonomy to bring his ideas to life, and he has yet to falter in his ascent within the comics industry.

“I think a great story needs more than flashy gimmicks and a couple of neat concepts”, said HEXED writer Michael Alan Nelson. “You absolutely must have a compelling story and fleshed-out characters before you can start throwing labyrinthine plots into the mix. I look for chilling conflicts, then find ways to make them as unsettling and riveting as possible.”

“And wait until you see the art in the first issue,” said Nelson. “Emma is a phenom and will be turning some heads when this issue hits the stands.”

“I’m really proud of this series,” said HEXED series editor Matt Gagnon. “Getting new pages from Emma, with sensational colors by Cris Peter, makes every day like Christmas morning. These two women are extremely talented. And working with the masterful Mr. Nelson is always a pleasure. We’re all having a blast.”

HEXED #1 features two variant covers by Emma Rios and Joe Pekar, with Diamond Order Codes of OCT083924 and OCT083925 respectively.

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