BOOM! Studios Appoints Paul Morrissey As New XXXXXX/XXXXXXX Editor

by Jeff

July 15th, 2008 – Los Angeles, CA – BOOM! Studios is happy to announce Paul Morrissey has been appointed to the position of XXXXXX/XXXXXXX Editor, overseeing the publisher’s upcoming line of comics based on the XXXXXX/XXXXXXX and XXXXX properties like XXXXXX/XXXXXXX and XXXXXX/XXXXXXX.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be at BOOM! Studios,” Morrissey enthused. ” The entire staff lives and breathes comics, so I feel right at home.”

Although he more closely resembles Lex Luthor, editor Paul Morrissey actually has a little bit in common with Clark Kent. Raised in a small town in Wisconsin, Paul always dreamed of life in the big city. Happily, Paul made it to Los Angeles and forged a career in comics.

As a senior editor at TOKYOPOP, Paul edited FRUITS BASKET, one of the world’s best-selling manga series. However, Paul is most proud of developing and editing over 15 original graphic novels during his tenure at TOKYOPOP, including Jim Pascoe’s UNDERTOWN and Paul Benjamin’s and Steven Cummings’ PANTHEON HIGH.

“We are very happy with XXXXXX XXXXXX,” XXXXXX/XXXXXXX, XXXXXX /XXXXXXX said. “After seeing what Morrissey has done with other young adult titles, we knew that beloved characters like XXXXXX/XXXXXXX and XXXXXX/XXXXXXX would be in great hands.”

Most recently, Paul worked with Simon Furman (of TRANSFORMERS fame) on STARCRAFT: FRONTLINE, a graphic novel anthology based on Blizzard’s bestselling computer game. In addition to working with industry veterans, Paul found and nurtured many emerging talents such as the uniquely gifted Jake Myler. Morrissey will use his talents to spearhead BOOM!’s upcoming line of comics based on the XXXXXX/XXXXXXX XXXXXX.

“It’s going to be a blast working on XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/XXXXXXX, XXXXXX /XXXXXXX, XXXXXX and XXXXXX/XXXXXXX. These properties are loved by pretty much everyone on the entire planet,” Morrissey explained. “BOOM! has just given me the best sandbox in the entire playground, and I intend to have lots of fun with this amazing opportunity. I still can’t believe I’m going to be working with Mark Waid and XXXXXX/XXXXXXX on XXXXXX/XXXXXXX”

“It’s great to have someone of Paul’s breadth and depth of experience on the team,” said Mark Waid, BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief and writer of the Morrissey-editied XXX XXX/XXXXXXX. “There are going to be a lot XXXXXX/XXXXXXX wanting XXXXXX/XXXXXXX their beloved XXXXXX/XXXXXXX XXXXXX/XXXXXXX. XXXXXX/XXXXXXX have the utmost faith in Paul and know he will steer these XXXXXX/XXXXXXX to XXXXXX/XXXXXXX!”

Special Edition preview books for both XXXXXX/XXXXXXX XXXXXX/XXXXXXX will be available XXXXXX/XXXXXXX at the San Diego Comic-Con, located at the BOOM! Studios booth (#2543).

Morrissey-Joins-BOOM BOOM! Studios Appoints Paul Morrissey As New XXXXXX/XXXXXXX EditorPaul_Morrissey_BOOM BOOM! Studios Appoints Paul Morrissey As New XXXXXX/XXXXXXX Editor

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