BOOM! Studios Announces Walt Becker’s LAST REIGN: KINGS OF WAR

by Jeff

July 17th, 2008 – – Los Angeles, CA – BOOM! Studios is proud to announce LAST REIGN: KINGS OF WAR, a new four-issue mini-series created by director Walt Becker and written by FALL OF CTHULHU’s Michael Alan Nelson. An apocalyptic story of chivalric knights in a techno-nightmare future, LAST REIGN: KINGS OF WAR is a high-action sci-fi tale with brilliant covers by Karl Richardson.

Best known as the director of VAN WILDER and WILD HOGS, Becker first creative outing was LINK, a science-fiction novel about paleoanthropology and mankind’s extraterrestrial origins. A longtime fan of science fiction and fantasy, Becker will bring to comics his vision of futuristic knights who fight to survive and restore order in the ravaged wastes of a bleak tomorrow.

“I love comics in the same way I love films – they both tell stories visually,” said Becker. “I also love the loyal fan base, and with an idea this big, I wanted to not only conceptualize the world through pictures but also to build a grass-roots following for this entirely new universe.”

LAST REIGN: KINGS OF WAR will be scripted by Micahel Alan Nelson, no stranger to BOOM!. In the past few years, Nelson has written several series for BOOM!, including the critically acclaimed ENIGMA CIPHER, DOMINION and FALL OF CTHULHU, the ongoing monthly series that continues to be one of BOOM!’s top selling books. Nelson has also contributed to the successful anthology CTHULHU TALES.

“I’ve literally been given the world,” said Nelson. “Walt’s vision for the future, filled with Middle Age influence, is a world rife with conflict. This is fertile ground for our imaginations to grow. This will be a different book than my previous work, but fans will recognize the way I mine a plot and its characters for tension. It’s just that, this time, I’ll doing it with freaking knights in the future!”

LAST REIGN: KINGS OF WAR #1 features a cover by Karl Richardson, item order code: JUN083748.

Last_Reign_001A-FC BOOM! Studios Announces Walt Becker's LAST REIGN: KINGS OF WAR

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