Books that are Currently Undervalued

by Joseph Overaitis

154297_d5bc9699cfbc0bc7be7a506e883ddefd0f97cd77-195x300 Books that are Currently UndervaluedEvery week I review the GoCollect hot comics to see what seems to be wrong.  What I noticed this week were two books that I think should be getting some love from collectors but are sadly being ignored.  I believe these books are undervalued and have potential. Others are missing and suggest you might want to pick them.

Booster Gold should be destined for a DC Movie

139222_70e3b53b13367bcbcbe4d247da18b22a21cb06f5-195x300 Books that are Currently UndervaluedDC Comics found cinematic success with Shazam.  It was an adventure-packed film with a comedic element that entertained fans and was profitable.  You can produce sequels but why not also try to duplicate this success with a new character.  Enter Booster Gold.  A superhero more concerned with his image and endorsement deals than saving the day. Imagine a cameo of Batman lecturing him on what it means to be a superhero to create a nice contrast in characters.  Add in Skeets, his robotic wise-cracking sidekick and you have all the elements of a great movie. You have to no look further than Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy heroic Starlord and the humorous Rocket and Groot to see how these elements can be incorporated to produce a great film franchise.

Booster Gold also can be used with  Blue Beetle to create a good buddy-buddy or mentor film depending on the version used.  I believe Booster Gold is a severely underused character in comics as well, and one day someone might use him again properly so he reaches his potential.  That is what you are looking for in undervalued books,  room for growth.  Booster Gold #1 has that type of appeal and is reasonable priced for a book close to 35 years old.


It is Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Time

154297_d5bc9699cfbc0bc7be7a506e883ddefd0f97cd77-195x300 Books that are Currently UndervaluedThundercats. G.I. Joe.  Rom.  He-Man.  Toys that become comic books have always seemed to rise in value based upon the nostalgia factor among collectors.  No news on television or movies and these books still rise in value and demand among collectors.  When I looked at Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 I was amazed that this book had an FMV of less than $100 for a book graded 9.8.  This franchise still produces television shows and rumors of another movie always appear online so why has this book not increased in value?  I believe it is because it is still fresh in the minds of many collectors.  The people who grew up with this book are still young and do not place that much on nostalgia yet, but eventually, they will. Remember this book is 26 years old so that time will come soon.

The toy franchises I have already mentioned have a lot less media presence than the Rangers but time is what drives their values.  If possible I would look to add some of these books in high-grade while you can at these prices and  hold them until the time is right.  That is when you can   see the profits those other titles have already produced for investors.

Profit Potential

When managing a proper comic book portfolio there is always room for books with some risk but with high upside. Chasing comic books based upon movie announcements will only place you in the water with a bunch of other sharks looking for the same meal.  Sometimes you have to be bold and take a chance.  Doing so with undervalued books with room to grow is a good way to alleviate some of the risk while putting you in a good position to see some profits.  These are two books that follow a pattern of success that others are ignoring now but may not in the future.  The time is perfect right now to take the plunge and pick up Booster Gold #1 and Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 before the investor next to you take notice.

FOOTER_Comic3-scaled Books that are Currently Undervalued


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Alan November 15, 2020 - 6:05 pm

I agree with your MMPR #1. So much more attention has been placed on current and recent MMPR variants…but this is the first comic! I found it in a dollar bin years ago, so I’m good!

Joesph Overaitis November 15, 2020 - 7:46 pm


I would love to have been you. I could not find one in a dollar bin or at an auction so I am chasing it. Problem is now that I wrote about it I think I shot myself in the foot LOL

T La Ross November 18, 2020 - 12:00 pm

Sentai #2 is the 1st appearance of the Power Rangers in a comic book and is very expensive. That’s why MMPR #1 is cheap. It isn’t the first and there’s 100x as many of them as the Sentai comic. I’m sure you won’t publish this comment but you guys should really do some research before you write blog posts. You frequently have the wrong information or complete miss key issues/1st appearances of the characters you’re posting about.

Joesph Overaitis November 18, 2020 - 4:45 pm

T La Rose

A number #1 comic book that most fans identify that is that price to me as room to grow. No where did I say it was a first appearance but rather that I see this book is languishing in the sale reports. When a book is that far down the list but has the potential for rising in value it is in my opinion undervalued. Sentai #2 is in now way undervalued because the price is already high and may not have that much room to grow, therefore how should it appear in an article titled “Books that are currently undervalued”? Again though I do appreciate your comments and respect your opinions. Why then would I not publish your comment. I value them. Even when someone disagrees with me or criticizes me I look at that as an opportunity to grow and educate myself. I say this to you T La Ross, keep them coming!!! I value your input and want to hear more from readers. You are part of the comic book market and important to what is happening out there.

So I ask you know. DO you think Sentai #2 has room to grow with mainstream collectors or only die hard fans? Very few in census and very few for sale scares me but what do you think? Even if a book is important and rare it might not be wise to invest because the market may be small who want that book.

T La Ross November 18, 2020 - 7:31 pm

I was providing an explanation as to why MMPR #1 has been cheap for so long. I’m not saying MMPR #1 isn’t undervalued, but a big reason why it isn’t worth more is because it isn’t their first appearance. Spider-Man #1 would be worth more if not for Amazing Fantasy #15 right? Not mentioning it is the weird part IMO. Had you written “since Sentai #2 has become so valuable, MMPR seems undervalued in comparison for ‘x’ reason….” I wouldn’t have commented. But the way your post is written makes it seem like you were unaware of the Sentai comic when you wrote this. If you’re encouraging people to pick up MMPR #1, the existence of the Sentai comic would be worth mentioning IMO since you apparently did know about it and chose not to mention it.
As far as MMPR #1 goes, the one that appears to be a newsstand is actually the 2nd print and is pretty hard to find in high grade with only one 9.8 on the CGC census.
I have written comments before which pointed out actual incorrect information in the posts especially in relation to Star Wars comics and the comments were never approved/posted which is why I had the dickish tone with my comment. I don’t know if each individual author approves/reviews the comments, the site manager, or what but I wasn’t expecting this comment to be approved obviously so I apologize for suggesting you wouldn’t approve it.

Joesph Overaitis November 19, 2020 - 10:21 am

T La Rose

You are correct that it never really appeared on my radar before but now I will look for it. Also we bloggers are human and make mistakes. I recently wrote about sentry #1 variant, and while I am not really into variants I asked someone who posted about a romita kirby variant. I took it to mean By romita instead of what he meant was a “homage to”. I even researched it but the mistake was made in my post. It was brought up by a reader like you and I appreciate it.

I guess I am different than some because I like to go to live auctions as participating online and I enjoy talking to people because they provide insight I may be unaware. I want to treat people like you the same. You educated me on a book that might be in the more valuable books people are unaware. So I say this to you and all the other readers out there. Post your comments.. The good…the bad…the ugly…well not the ugly LOL. Post and as long as they are not offensive or target something I will post them. The intent of these blogs is to educate our readers, and today we were educated by one T La Ross on MMPR #1.


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