Bone to Pick

by Norman Robinson III

152238_db1a47d1ceb9cbee5f9e0df639f8ca2fcd72e811-196x300 Bone to Pick

Wolverine has been a fan favorite for a long time.   One of the most popular characters in Marvel, perhaps of all time. Remember he is “the best at what he does, and what he does isn’t very nice.”  A store manager brought this book to my attention at a local retail outlet.  He argued it was a modern key comic, and priced it accordingly.  Wolverine #75 is the first appearance of Wolverine’s bone claws.  Adam Kubert and Larry Hama created this comic and fresh nuance to the character.  It is considered a double-sized issue and currently very reasonably priced at around  $40 for a 9.4 grade.

GoCollect has Wolverine #75 ranked as the 251st comic in popularity, for the modern era.  It has fallen 64 places and is undoubted, not hot.  Well, why buy, you ask?  Very simply, now is a perfect time to own this little key.  Wolverine #1 is currently in a cooling off a spell.  But what better time to buy a near mint copy at 9.8 for under $51.  This price is from the GoCollect current database of achieved prices.  This essential comic for the character is very reasonably priced, and the risk is minor for potentially bigger reward. The bone claws are a vital part of the character’s background.

Hollywood will have to reintroduce another actor to play this character eventually.  Once they do, everything associated with Wolverine will rise.  I will have no bone to pick with a small speculation purchase of this nuanced Wolvie background.  Besides, the hologram on this issue’s cover is too cool to pass up.  I can pretty much wager; it will not be the last time we have a bone to pick.

Hulk Smash

The comic Hulk #1 appeared in 2008, during our debacle of a recession.  The Script was by Loeb, art by McGuiness and Acuna.  Our boy Hulk’s latest team-up is with Thor, in his new movie which received great fanfare and was a lot of fun to boot!   Hulk has become a very predictable, and hilarious sidekick.  My guess is Marvel will match up Hulk with other characters in the future.  Apparently, it helped Thor to bolster his numbers.  Hulk is quite a big seller now.  Because of his burgeoning popularity, we can count on Red Hulk and all of the Hulk background story to continue to grow and build.

The current copy of Hulk #1 (from 2008) goes for $111 in a 9.8 grade.  According to GoCollect data  Hulk #1 ratings if you purchased a 9.6-grade copy two years ago you would have received a 34% return on average over the last two years. This return on investment, or ROI of 34% for a 9.6-grade investment, is a remarkable return.  Hulk #1 is probably worthy of a little speculation.

Hulk fans will be happy to read that Hulk #1 (Red Hulk) has risen an astonishing 247 ranks and is currently at 299th most popular modern age comic over the last three months. Besides, the price has been pretty consistent even going back two years.  Speculate on this smash of a comic and don’t look back.  Hulk is here to stay.

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