Bluewater To Produce Governor Sarah Palin Comic

by Jeff

BELLINGHAM, WA — October 19, 2008— Following the announcement of a new comic book featuring Senator Hillary Clinton, Bluewater Productions is following up the effort with a biographical title based on the life of current Republican vice-presidential nominee Governor Sarah Palin.

Palin’s life story from PTA president to the Alaska governorship to her surprise nomination as John McCain’s running mate is scheduled to be the second story in the recently announced “Female Force” comic. A final chapter is yet to be written.

“Regardless of your opinion, Governor Palin is a phenomenon. Her historic nomination has helped shape the national debate of arguably the most important presidential election in over 75 years,” said Bluewater president Darren Davis. “No matter what happens in this election, people will still be talking about Sarah Palin, she is indeed a female force!”

Scheduled for a February 2009 release, a month after Inauguration Day, there will be two prepared endings readied for print. One, if Palin and Senator John McCain are successful in capturing the White House and another if their bid fails. The 32- page book promises to be an evenhanded perspective of Palin’s life and accomplishments.

SARAHPALINCOMIC-02 Bluewater To Produce Governor Sarah Palin Comic

Writer Neal Bailey, who also penned “Female Force: Hillary Clinton,” adds, “Given her recent prominence and the way her actions make us examine where we stand on the issues, she is perfect for this series. Its important to get and stay informed of the world around us that the people who contribute to it, and comics remain one of the most accessible mediums in that regard.”

Female Force is a continuing series designed to examine influential women who are making and shaping modern history.

“We are already looking at several candidates for our third biography. I think you will be surprised who we are leaning towards,” Davis said.

The “Female Force: Sarah Palin” cover was done by Patricio Carbajal who will be penciling a new upcoming Bluewater series “Quartermain,” based on the adventures of H. Rider Haggards’s classic hero Alan Quartermain.

For more information on Bluewater Productions, go to or check them out in your local comic book shop!

About Bluewater Productions:

Bluewater Productions, Inc. is one if the top independent production studios of comic, young adult books and graphic novel titles. In the tradition of great storytelling and cutting edge art, Bluewater storms onto the comic book and graphic novel scene. With more titles than ever, including smash hits such as the 10th MUSE, VSS, and THE LEGEND OF ISIS, Bluewater is poised to continue to produce engaging stories with art from both the top names in the industry alongside with up and coming stars.

As of May 2007, Bluewater Productions, Inc. moved from production studio to publisher, in conjunction with legendary filmmaker, Ray Harryhausen — the genius behind some of the greatest movie magic of all-time while continuing to publish it’s popular superhero line starring it’s flagship character the 10th Muse. Bluewater has also just signed a publishing deal with William Shatner, Roger Corman and Lionsgate.

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