Bluewater supports the SDCC/CBLDF Auction

by Jeff

by Elisabeth@TFAW

bluewaterprodlogo Bluewater supports the SDCC/CBLDF AuctionBluewater Productions has joined our Second Annual SDCC Autograph Card/CBLDF Auction event to fight for the First Amendment rights of the comics community!

Bluewater made a huge splash last year with its Female Force line of comics, including the best-selling Female Force: Michelle Obama and Female Force: Sarah Palin. This Vancouver, Washington-based company also publishes Political Power, a series centering on male politicians like Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and George W. Bush, and Fame, which profiles celebrities like Lady Gaga, Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart. Bluewater has also teamed up with famed science-fiction novelist William F. Nolan for new Logan’s Run comics, and the legendary William Shatner for Tek War comics.

Bluewater is donating a page of original artwork from their comic Wrath of the Titans from artist Jessie Metcalf, which the CBLDF will auction off during San Diego Comic-Con. The best thing? You can also get this artwork at the show: for every piece donated, we will be creating exclusive limited-edition autograph cards, which you can collect at SDCC! Make sure to stop by the TFAW booth to collect these exclusive cards!

We want to thank Bluewater Productions and the many publishers and creators who have stepped up to join this important cause.

You don’t have to be a comics publisher or creator to help in the effort to fight the good fight. Every individual who stands up and supports the fight for First Amendment rights plays a crucial role. Visit the CBLDF and learn how you can help!

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