Bluewater Adds 22 Bonus Pages To February Releases

by Jeff

Starting in February, Bluewater is adding a bonus 22-page flipbook to some of its titles. The original $3.99 cover price will stay the same but the consumer will enjoy 48-pages of content.

Listed below are the titles coming with the FREE bonus book:

1) “10th Muse 800” #1 comes with a FREE “Judo Girl/ Venus” #1

2) “Judo Girl/ Venus” #1 comes with a FREE 10th Muse 800 #1

3) “Wrath of the Titans: Cyclops” comes with a FREE “Pit and the Pendulum”

4) “Pit and the Pendulum” comes with a FREE “Wrath of the Titans: Cyclops”

5) “Missile to the Moon” #1 comes with a FREE “Imaginaries” #2

6) “Imaginaries” #2 comes with a FREE “Missile to the Moon” #1

Making sure not to confuse anyone, Bluewater has made a special cover for the back of the flipbook. The original covers, UPC codes & order codes have remained the same.

“With the economy the way that it is, we realize that $3.99 is a lot to spend on a 22 page comic book,” said Bluewater Productions Publisher, Darren G. Davis. “I buy comics every week and I see how expensive they have become. With that in mind we are making sure that people that buy our books get the most for their money.”

Bluewater is also making sure to add bonus material to our other titles. “Plan 9 From Outer Space…Strikes Again”, will have 28 pages of sequential content.

Davis continued, “It is rare that you will find one of our books with only 22 pages. We want to do more than just put in a pin-up to take up space. For example with the Ray Harryhausen titles we showcased some of Harryhausen’s original artwork.”

The “Vincent Price Presents” series will not only have a 4-page back-up stories but pin-ups as well. In each issue the comic comes with an intro and outro featuring Vincent Price. This is on top of the 22-page story.

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