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by Jeff
SUSPEND Blue Plaque Publication REVIEW

Suspended Animation Review

Blue Plaque Publication/sold in some comic shops, from their creators, and

Fourteen creative writers and artists are looking for a few, good creative minds. In their own words:

“Welcome to the online home of the Blue Plaque Publications Co-Op. The BPP is one of the oldest co-ops still in existence, and serves as a meeting ground for like-minded publishers interested in creating their own comics and [fan]zines.

“Along with the regular club newsletter, THE BLUESLETTER, the BPP also plans and publishes group projects such as the BPP SPECIAL and other joint ventures between its members.”

captain_co-op_copy2 Blue Plaque Publication REVIEW

In short (and most BPP publications are short indeed) if you want to self-publish your own work without interference from an editor, this cooperative is for you.

Most of the work is comics or comics related, and varies widely in subject, quantity, and quality. The latest BPP Checklist offers six publications: “The Least Last Lost Past Participle of Lust on our List”, “Captain Spectacular”, “The Scriptgraphics Small Press: The BPP Issue #6”, “Kulprit”, and…well, you get the idea. The titles alone promise variety.

All are reasonably priced, and some titles are free!

The latest issue received at Suspended Animation was Monster World #1 by Sam Gafford. It is a tiny 5 1/2” x 4 1/4” mini-comic of eight pages about a world where monsters are real and opposed by a C.I.A. like agency, S.T.A.K.E. I can’t review it here because of conflict-of-interest; Sam Gafford is my friend, therefore, my review would be biased.

But if you are most interested in the polished, heavily structured work of professional publishers like DC and Marvel Comics, Blue Plaque Publications will not be your cup of tea.

If you are interested in reading the hands-off art and story of the BPP, or in joining, send an email to: Floyd Sumner at

Michael Vance

Check out Dark Corridor #2 for a Michael Vance short story at

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