Blue Ocean Books

by Ariel Lazo

S6Xk_vSeSM2YYBO3jK_jrQ-540x323-1-300x179 Blue Ocean BooksConfused about the title? That means you have not seen one of the latest videos posted on the Regie Collects YouTube page by our new amazing host, Regie. In this video, he breaks down the comic market into two fields, the Red and Blue Ocean using a great business strategy. What does this have to do with comics? Well, you will just have to keep reading to see!




780794_a928316c95f02407057179a2d431970903a043f0-195x300 Blue Ocean Books Regie is the host of our weekly show, as well as hosting his own channel on YouTube (RegieCollects) that features a weekly giveaway sponsored by GoCollect that can score you an awesome slab, FREE! (Must be a subscriber of his channel to enter) His is truly one of the most entertaining and informative channels out there. That being said, the principle of the Red and Blue Ocean comes from a business standpoint.  The Red Ocean is where everyone is at. It is the bloody waters, where collectors are on a feeding frenzy. Everyone is there vying for those hot books like Batman #89 and Hell Arisen #3. Picture a big con like NYCC or SDCC, then picture everyone in those venues chasing after the same, let’s say 5 books. Do you think the prices will stay low? NOPE!


Now you have the Blue Ocean. Just the name alone is soothing. Picture gorgeous blue waters and the only person swimming there is you. Now that’s where you want to be! Why compete for books only to drive the price sky-high? Search for your own Blue Ocean, where you can take your time and almost name your price.


However, the question is, What books are in the Blue Ocean? Well, obviously it’s the books everyone has stopped talking about! Below is a list of 5 books that are currently slipping under our noses with very little competition.


136999_88c66be2212f08b70c3d04fbb1097437d472e83a-194x300 Blue Ocean BooksTales of the Teen Titans #44

This book saw a demand when the DC show Titans teased at Nightwing, Jericho, and Deathstroke showing up. Although we did get all 3, this book has not reached beyond our grasp. Recent sales show this book being sold at a 9.6 for $100 or less! Not raw, GRADED! This is a must-have for any Deathstroke and Nightwing fans. Plus with the way the new Batman movie is looking, I can see these two fan-favorite characters on the big screen in a few years. If you own it, hold till the next spike, if you don’t now is the time to buy.


Alias #1

This is the first appearance of Jessica Jones and her first meeting with our favorite hero Luke Cage. When the Netflix show premiered, people were jumping all over this issue, making those waters very bloody. Although the 9.8’s have held their value pretty well, the same cannot be said for the 9.6. A 9.6 sold once for $300 in June of 2019, but last month, one sold for $52 and another for $68.77! What does that mean? This book is prime for the picking! Netflix’s contracts with these shows are ending soon meaning, they have a chance of being picked up by Disney Plus. Rumors have flown around but nothing concrete yet.

Iron Man and Sub-Mariner120381_b7a777f4eb7a654eee31c438ecf4086acf0f9e17-199x300 Blue Ocean Books

For those who may not know, this issue actually predates both Submariner #1 and Iron Man #1. This book serves as the bridge between Tales of Suspense #99 and Tales to Astonish #101 with their own stand-alone books. This is a beautiful cover with that iconic ribbon. While at high grades they still maintain most of their value, you can find a very affordable one at a low grade. The last graded CGC 4.0 book sold for $61. Currently, on eBay, there is a 9.4 CGC with an FMV of $725, selling with a Best Offer for ONLY $300, you can see it here. Although not valued as much as Iron Man #1, this is still a book worth getting while eyes are focused elsewhere.


Superman/Batman Annual #4

This is the first appearance of Batman Beyond In-Continuity. Although there hasn’t been any news about Batman Beyond, he is still one of the fan favorites. Batman Beyond #1 fetches a pretty penny, so this book is a great book to have for a low price yet not miss out on owning a key Terry McGinnis book. A 9.8 CGC has an FMV of $150 but one sold recently for only $115. Yes, not a HUGE difference but it’s still enough to allow you to buy more books for the same price.


178108_53c8fc774fd33226e97ebdb94435cda46f76a0e8-195x300 Blue Ocean BooksG.I. Joe #21

The infamous “Silent Issue” and the first appearance of Storm Shadow. Always conflicted due to his blood brother, Snake Eyes, serving as a Joe, he has changed sides many times. Regardless, he is best known as Cobra Commander’s ninja bodyguard. Supposedly there will be a new spin-off movie named Snake Eyes that will feature this character again, but with a new actor. Who knows if it will drive prices up, either way, it’s a great time to buy! The last two 8.0 CGC books that sold were for $50 and $95 with only a month difference.


Bottom Line

The bottom line is, why swim in shark-infested, bloody waters when there is a beautiful blue ocean waiting for you. Take a leap away from hype and make some deals. People say deals are miracles, but in all honesty, if you simply reach out to the sellers and just talk to them, many are willing to make deals. So go search for those books you forgot about and start making some magic happen! Let me know below if there are any books you recommend or any great deals you have made.

Till next time, Happy Hunting!


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Peter DeLuca March 16, 2020 - 9:48 am

Would you say ASM 14 is blue or red currently?

Ariel Lazo March 20, 2020 - 1:37 pm

I’d say purple lol. Personally I would say Blue Waters. Not many people are talking about it and the price range keeps most collectors away. I checked some of the prices and in the mid-range they have been close to FMV in sales. However, there have been sales in the low and high end well below FMV. Also as much as I hate to say this, due to recent events you might see many comics drop in price in order to have more liquid finances. Thanks for the comment and for reading!

Dawn March 16, 2020 - 10:19 pm

Thanks for explaining this, He never answered it in the live stream last night

Ariel Lazo March 20, 2020 - 1:33 pm

Glad I could help! If you ever have a question about his videos please feel free to contact me or Regie and we will help you out with any question. 🙂


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