Blue Ocean Books Part Deux

by Ariel Lazo

Blue-Ocean-hand-dryer-industry-e1574856854834-300x160 Blue Ocean Books Part DeuxTime for round two of Blue Ocean Books! In case you forgot, Blue Ocean books are comics that no one is looking at right now. For example, when Marvel announced that Ronin would be in EndGame, everybody went crazy over the first appearance. That’s called the Red Ocean, why? Because everyone is there sniping the same book. Meanwhile, in the Blue Ocean, there are tons of books that people forgot about.


Now in Blue Ocean world, books are just riding the waves waiting for you to calmly swim up and grab them. Swimming here allows you to score some great deals or the ability to pick up books easier. People feel a need or rush to grab certain books, especially when they hear everyone else talking about it. But I promise you, with some patience and good timing, you soon will have all those books you thought you would never hold.

Enough babble! Here are 5 books floating around in the Blue Ocean waters:

121289_29a89126db0a7a4b024d798a5fd564e95b110d64-200x300 Blue Ocean Books Part DeuxThor #165

When was the last time someone mentioned Adam Warlock? With the ending of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 hinting at the appearance of Adam Warlock, anything associated with HIM (see what I did there?), saw a price jump. eBay was filled with people buying and selling this book constantly. But now what? Barely a peep! Which means… Perfect time to jump on it! The current FMV for this book in a 7.5 is $350, but the two last sales were for $215 on 3/25/20 and $335 on 3/16/20. Both well below the FMV. Now since not many are buying this issue DO NOT BE AFRAID TO NEGOTIATE. Talk to the buyers and treat them like humans and you will be amazed at what magic you can make.

Black Lightning #1

This is an awesome book! First appearance and origin of Black Lightning, the first appearance of Tobias Whale and the first solo title featuring a black hero in DC! So not only a true book but one that actually made history. Chances are we probably won’t see Black Lightning on the big screen, but his CW show is actually pretty good. I’ll admit I haven’t seen any new episodes since the crossover, but they’re are on my viewing list. Currently, the FMV for a 9.0 is $70 but recent sales have seen one sold for $48 on 3/21/20 and one for $50 on 3/12/20. Raw books you can find cheaper but for that price, might as well get them already graded.

Ghost Rider #1172630_d8f9394c5435ff034fb4e687f1a1a071cd9769ff-194x300 Blue Ocean Books Part Deux

The first appearance of the 2nd Ghost Rider, Daniel Ketch. For a while, people were speculating on Danny getting his own show or possible movie. Unfortunately, nothing has come to fruition yet, doesn’t mean it will never happen though. I think having a new Ghost Rider movie with all the new creative minds in Marvel would be amazing! He is such an underrated character and needs to be redeemed. The FMV for this book is $46 which is actually what it sold last for, but the one prior sold for $33.50 on 3/31/20. Although this book will not see any huge rises, it still a key book to have for any Ghost Rider fan.


725931_moon-girl-and-devil-dinosaur-28-192x300 Blue Ocean Books Part DeuxMoon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #28

The first appearance of Omnipotentis! This book and character were HOT for a while! Just as Silver Surfer serves Galactus, Galactus serves Omnipotentis. Moon Girl may not be a hot book but when you include a powerhouse like Omnipotentis, it strikes up some buzz. According to my notes, only 6,659 copies were ordered by retailers making it a low print run, only 30 copies short of issue #27. At one point a 9.8 was selling for $300 in February of this year, but with the buzz all but dead, the current FMV is $120. I say take the chance and find yourself a good deal out there. With Marvel soon going cosmic, who knows what the future of this book will be.


Cosmic Ghost Rider #1

One of the books that shot Donny Cates to fame. I still remember snagging a signed copy at the NYCC, excited to finally hold one in my hands. Now you can grab one anywhere and very easily. This book is the first appearance of Baby Thanos and the premiere issue featuring the Cosmic Ghost Rider, aka Frank Castle, aka the Punisher as the Herald of Galactus. This had lots of buzz because come one who does not love them some Punisher, then you give him the powers that Silver Surfer had… MIND BLOWN! Now did the series keep up with the hype? You tell me below! Currently, the FMV is $42 with some sales at $39 and $28 recently. I doubt this will ever see the same hype as it did before, but not a bad book to have for the price.

733687_cosmic-ghost-rider-1-195x300 Blue Ocean Books Part Deux

Bottom Line

Look collecting and investing in comics is fun as long as you allow it to be. Do not get caught up in so much hype that you start to lose interest in the field. There is such a thing as collectors burn out. Shopping in the Blue waters allows you to almost reset your burn out clock. Take a look at the books above, take a look at other blogs here written by amazing people and take all of our advice with a grain of salt.

My advice is if everyone is talking about how great a book is and how much you NEED to have it, stay away unless you can score a phenomenal deal. Otherwise, go back into your boxes and see what other books you need. It does not mean you will never get that hyped up book it just means you are waiting for the right time to pounce.

Hope everyone enjoyed these books and keep an eye out for more Blue Ocean Books coming your way! If you have any books that you think I missed or should/shouldn’t be up here let me know below! I love hearing from you all and answering any questions you may have.

Till Next Time, Happy Hunting!


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