Blue Moon Special: Ghost Rider #28

by Norman Robinson III

172663_89a911fb2ba7f080576a616752f70f4596c8582f-198x300 Blue Moon Special: Ghost Rider #28Once in a blue moon, speculators take a few long-shots; they are usually cost-effective and have upside potential. The Ghost Rider #28 is one such long-shot; this is the first appearance of both Lilith 2, a demon villain, and the Midnight Sons (The Nine version). Media rumor has Lilith 2 and The Nine possibly appearing on a Hulu show sometime after the Disney Plus roll out in November. I know the rumor mill is incorrigible but it also is a great way to speculate. If Lilith 2 is the lead villain on an upcoming Hulu show; then Ghost Rider #28 is a good speculative pick. The Nine consist of Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, Morbius, Blade, Hannibal King, Frank Drake, Sam Buchanan, Victoria Montesi, and Louise Hastings. Whew! With this many ghosts and goblins running around it begins to feel like Halloween. Will speculating on these supernatural heroes and Lilith 2 be a trick, or treat?

Ghost Rider #28

The Ghost Rider is simply one of the coolest of the super-horrific ever created. He is the ultimate anti-hero even in a time when anti-heroes are played out. Ghost Rider #28 is the first Nine and Lilith appearances. This comic was created by Andy Kubert (pencils) with Howard Mackie (script) wrangling the Ghost Rider storyline. This issue is not on peoples radar right now, but once news hits of Lilith 2 and her pals; then watch the media sparks fly. Now you can buy this in any back issue bin dirt cheap. My guess probably around $5. This is a great time to get into more of the horror side of Marvel. Which I have been prophesying for many moons (Howls in the moonlight echo through the night).

124838_26cbfd720b43566cc843de44c4d5e004f98fb281-201x300 Blue Moon Special: Ghost Rider #28Ghost Rider #1

If Ghost Rider is your thing take a look at his first series from the 70s. It has a thrilling cover and historical returns you can count on. This is not just a long-shot, as above, but a solid Bronze Age key. Ghost Rider #1 was created by Gary Freidrich (script) and Gil Kane, with Tom Sutton (pencils). It is also a cameo of Son of Satan and third appearance of the Witch Woman. Can this fiery fiend light the way to profit and speculator paradise?


  • Grade 9.8 $5250 FMV returns positive +65.8
  • Grade 9.2 $600 FMV returns positive +59.9%
  • Grade 6.5 $200 FMV returns positive +51.5%
  • Grade 5.0 $140 FMV returns positive +46.6%

This book is a solid long-term simple buy and hold. This should be part of your investment collection, not merely a speculation. It is still very cheap to own and you can buy high-quality grades.


  • Grade 9.8 $5250 FMV returns positive (one sale of $4,999)
  • Grade 9.2 $600 FMV returns positive +20%
  • Grade 6.5 $200 FMV returns positive +14.2%
  • Grade 5.0 $140 FMV returns negative -8.3%
  • Grade 4.5 $140 FMV returns positive +51.5%

Ghost Rider #1 has strong short-term gains as well. However, at current prices for you die-hard speculators, this is a flip once the series hits. Probably be sometime next year, figure a positive +20% return; therefore, if you invest $200 in grade 6.5 now, you could be looking to sell it for $240-$260 in a year. Probably a safer bet is to go higher grade and buy-in for a 9.2 at $600 and make $120 in the same time frame. More risk = more reward, probably the better purchase. You don’t want to be left sitting on the side of the road as if you experienced The Rider’s Penance Stare from missing this opportunity at a long-shot.

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aaron1001 August 16, 2019 - 8:01 am

Just because a character will appear in a movie or TV show does not automatically make his or her first app a good investment. We are flooded with those now. A couple of other things that an article should consider

– supply: this is a 90s books that was hyped. There will be many many well kept copies that will depress the price if it heats only slightly
– meaningful benchmarks: what books can we look at to gauge how well #28 can perform?
– the impact of the character: is it a one off or lasting. The fact that this is under Marvel TV and not studios means it is already second tier

Finally, the returns for GR #1 needs to factor in the cost of selling. If on ebay, there is usually 10% ebay fees and nearly 5% paypal fees. That means you need to net off -15% off those returns, which makes them very unattractive.

Norman Robinson III August 16, 2019 - 12:39 pm

Currently, you can pick up this book for next to nothing. The title of my piece Blue Moon… comes from “Once in a Blue Moon” not at all a sure thing, merely a…wait for it…speculation!
Plenty of 90s books that are “hyped” and make money. “Benchmarks” you don’t compare apples to oranges except in broad generalities. Finally, who cares about the “impact” of the character, try the impact of the media hype on the book.
Hope this helps…


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