Bloodshot – Everything we have been waiting for!

by Ariel Lazo

Bloodshot_Vol_3_10_Textless-198x300 Bloodshot - Everything we have been waiting for!As of writing of this article, the Bloodshot trailer just dropped and WOW! Everyone is loving it so far, and it appears to be the bad-ass Bloodshot that we have been waiting for! Although we have yet to see Vin Diesel don the classic all white skin and red dot, we have seen enough to spark interest again in this all but forgotten series. If you want to know more about Bloodshot and what books to grab, KEEP READING!

The new trailer for Bloodshot by Valiant Entertainment (remember this will not be the Valiant Comics Bloodshot), starring Vin Diesel just recently dropped and it looks very promising. This movie is about a former soldier, who was injected with nanites into his blood by Project Rising Spirit in order to make the Ultimate Warrior! (sorry couldn’t resist) Oops, I mean ultimate soldier, which is how he got his name Bloodshot. Through this, he obtained superhuman strength, speed, agility, and stamina, plus he can shapeshift, use cyber-kinesis, and with the nanites, self-heal. Bloodshot, better known as Raymond Garrison, is used by the organization to eliminate certain threats for them through memory manipulation. Every time he would complete a mission, his memory would be erased and new memories implanted in order to direct him to his next target. This would make anyone the perfect killing machine, well till he started to get fragments of his memory back and realized he was just being used. Well, not to ruin the rest of the possible plot, I’ll stop here, but below are some books that will see a rise now that the trailer is looking great. Get a head start on these now because whether you like to collect or flip comics, this is the time to make some moves.

Bloodshot (Valiant Comics)

eternalwarrior4-196x300 Bloodshot - Everything we have been waiting for!Eternal Warrior #4/ Rai #0rai0-197x300 Bloodshot - Everything we have been waiting for!

Can’t discuss the future without touching upon the past. Although the Bloodshot movie will be based on the Valiant Entertainment Universe Bloodshot, credit still has to be given to his first-ever appearance in comics. Eternal Warrior #4 is his first cameo and Rai #0 is his first full appearance and origin. EW #4 sold recently for $140 (10/14/19) at a 9.8 while a 9.6 sold for $51 (10/11/19).  Rai #0 has seen better numbers but currently, it sits with a 9.8 being sold for $155 (10/16/19) and a 9.6 for $50 (10/16/19).

To be honest, I would only collect these if you must have every key of something or because you know you can flip it down the line. Personally, I would save my money for the ones I mention below, only because they are more directly tied to the actual movie. 

VEI: Valiant Entertainment Inc. Universe

bloodshot_1_2012-198x300 Bloodshot - Everything we have been waiting for!Bloodshot #1

This is the first appearance of Bloodshot in the new VEI. In this issue, we also meet Simon Oreck, former director of Project Rising Spirits, the government program that injected Garrison with the nanites making him, Bloodshot. In the first incarnation of Bloodshot, he was a mafia member, while in the reboot he was a soldier. Although the differences are small, it still does change the details when compared to the upcoming movie. The only issue most fans are having with the movie is, that we have yet to see Diesel in the iconic all ashen skin with the red center. We still have plenty of time till more trailers will be released so who knows! Luckily, there are only 25 slabbed copies on the census and only 2 noted sales from a year ago. The last one at a 9.8 sold for $81 (10/5/18), which means there are tons of these in the wild or in raw condition that are easily obtainable. I can see a rise in price the closer we get to the release date, but unless this flick pulls off a miracle, it will not hit grail status at any time.

Harbinger Wars #1harbinger_wars_1-194x300 Bloodshot - Everything we have been waiting for!

Not a big key, but might have to do with the movie or future plot lines. This issue is the first appearance of Generation Zero, a group of kids that were kidnapped by Project Rising Spirit, who were released by Bloodshot. This could prove to be a great storyline to introduce future VEI characters to the big screen. We might not see it in the upcoming movie but since there are talks about a franchise, there is a high chance that it will appear. Sadly this book only has 5 slabs on the census, with only one sale for $86.99 (08/23/15). The great thing is that it will be easier to grab since not many are looking for this book now. With only one sale on the census, chances are that you can grab this book very cheap. If the price being offered starts to hurt the pocket, LET IT GO! Find another seller and save the money.


These are just a few of the books to get you started on the journey to know Bloodshot. Like many, I have my doubts, but after seeing that trailer, maybe we will have a new hero to watch out for.

Till next time, Happy Hunting!

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