Blogging in Hindsight – An Autobiographical Prospectus

by Michael Vlachakis

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I try to blog the same way I collect comics.  Rule #1 is have fun.  Rule #2 is try to be correct.  If you are able to make the right choices, the hobby can be extremely enjoyable but also extremely stressful if the decisions don’t pan out as hoped for…I am sure that most of us can attest to both ends of that statement.  Recently, I wanted to look back on some of my earliest blogs and see how that advice is holding up.  Not that we are trying to keep score, but it is always a good idea to look at the data to see if it was interpreted properly or if areas of opportunity exist.

Even a broken clock can guess twice a day that Captain America #1 will probably go up in price over time.  Let’s see how close I have come to picking the winners.

Click on the blog links below to see my original blog on the topic with additional details!

One of my first topics to blog about was Spider-Ham.  I had been a fan of this character for a while, and his first appearance was one of the first comics I ever purchased.  I knew he had the potential for a big pop and just had to tell others.  A few months after this blog, the release of Into the Spiderverse saw a jump in popularity for the character and a massive swing in prices on the market.

I had no clue when or where he was going to jump on the market, but I knew Devil Dinosaur would eventually get some love from collectors.  Disney has apparently decided to make a cartoon featuring the character, and the first appearance comic is having some great gains over the past few months.

As with most speculators, I was pretty hopeful for massive gains on everything Captain Marvel and even pinpointed a quickly crumbled peak for Minerva.  Ultimately, there was some good market traction for the character, but overall she had a minimal impact to make her first appearance anything special.

When it comes to the Spider-Man villain Tombstone, I hope you ignored me.  This was a book that went from scarce to everywhere in a few months.  A few years ago, I would have been happy to own a copy, and now it looks like a book that is ignored on the market even at dwindling prices.  Here are some hopes Tombstone can rise from the grave.

The full extent of the Madame Web climbing up the market water spout is still to be seen.  With the announcement that a movie based on the character is going to be developed at Sony, it will be interesting to see where this comic can go moving forward.  Remember that just because a character does not behave like you predict, it can still favor you.

Taskmaster is one of my favorite villains and his first appearance is one of the most eye-catching covers with an Avenges title.  I was not sure if he would eventually fall in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) but I knew the villain was iconic enough that he would be used in some manner.  I don’t necessarily call this a clean win, but it appears that the comic has had success.

Are there any past blogs that were a particular hit or miss?  Do you have any advice on future comic values for your peers?  Drop your comments and join the speculation!

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