BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE #7 features Comics Industry Power Rankings

by Jeff

AUG131089 BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE #7 features Comics Industry Power RankingsMedia ReleaseBleeding Cool Magazine #7 features the annual return of Rich Johnston’s Top 100 Comics Industry Power Rankings. The annual event gives Johnston carte blanche power in determining his opinion of where the movers and shakers of the comics field are ranked for the current year. With an invitation like that you can be there will be some scandals that rock the industry. Who will be honored, who will be slighted, and who will be skipped altogether?

Last year’s event won national attention with the story being picked up by many mainstream media outlets. You can expect that this year will be no different and this issue will be in high demand at local comic shops. Besides the controversial rankings, the issue also features a dramatic special price of $1.99 for over 100 pages of comics, entertainment, movies, and speculation features. Uber6FaceofEvil

This also marks the beginning of Bleeding Cool Magazine’s new exclusive comic program. Polybagged in this issue is an exclusive Shadowman #13X comic book that you can only get with your issue of Bleeding Cool Magazine #7. And retailers win too by being able to obtain the exclusive Uber #6 Faces of Evil comic book as an ordering incentive for carrying the magazine in their stores. Uber fans will be looking for this exclusive comic and BCM supporting stores will have them!

Ask your local comics retailer to reserve a copy for you now – they can order by using Diamond Order # AUG131089.

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