Black Widow: Origin vs. First Appearance

by Norman Robinson III

382754_9393e6ea798afee653deca102807cc50255ff93b-195x300 Black Widow: Origin vs. First AppearanceNatasha Romanoff is simply stunning in the story Deadly Origin, I have always felt this one cover captured the mystique and beauty of this Russian spy perfectly. Black Widow first appeared in Tales of Suspense #52 dressed on the cover like a high society woman of the early 1960s. With pencils by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee on the script, this first appearance rocks, and shocks with several deaths and the appearance of Natasha Romanoff a.k.a. Black Widow. This skill-based character played well in The Avengers movies. Scarlett Johansson, has racked up a huge fan following and all of us have thought the same thing, “When the heck will Marvel-Disney give this woman her own movie?” Yep, fans want it because we know Scarlett Johansson can bring it and the boost to Black Widow keys would be substantial. Are there some recent catalysts that hint at the next movie?

One media source has confirmed Scarlett Johansson will play Black Widow in the scheduled movie. These bloggers are saying it will be “sexy and edgy”. Marvel apparently wants to show strong women in action. Here is the good news; zero “Hollywood-style fights” instead lots of great hand-to-hand combat and effective martial arts like an operative might have. Further, there will be minimal CGI, a big car chase, a giant set piece involving a Zeppelin airship, and some crazy mech-robots get screen time. The designs for these “mech-robots” is supposedly trey-cool. The movie will take a “more practical route with effects” (Cosmic Book News). I am thinking Columbiana meets Dark Knight. In other words, a huge Hollywood hit. Worried that Scar can’t bring it, don’t be. Just check her out in the movie: Lucy. So how does all this movie news impact the comic? Well, for one thing, her first appearance is strong now without a movie, just imagine what continued hype will do.

117220_d92e6b229bea7bb26afa3e862147ae56311daba4-200x300 Black Widow: Origin vs. First AppearanceTales of Suspense #52

This first appearance of the Black Widow is extraordinarily expensive and already run up a bit. You can purchase Black Widow comics with other tie ins as the character has at least four different series she has been involved with: Iron Man, Daredevil, Champions, and Black Widows and the Inhumans. But if you can afford it the first appearance is the ticket. Take a look at her strong performance in the first appearance Tales of Suspense #52:

  • Grade 9.2 $8250 returns positive +194.4%
  • Grade 8.0 $2600 returns positive +140.6%
  • Grade 6.5 $1050 returns positive +77.4%
  • Grade 3.0 $375   returns positive +66.5%


Black Widow has significant returns over the long-term for Tales of Suspense #52. These numbers are almost the inverse of her origin comic book below. If you can afford $300 -400 for the first appearance sure go ahead. Otherwise, read below but whatever you do get the Black Widow in your sights now!

122066_94925267b76eb2bb8e19aac074a8eeb2411b9a92-200x300 Black Widow: Origin vs. First AppearanceIf Tales of Suspense #52 is outside your comfort zone you could instead try for her remake in the 1970s. She appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #86 in the skin-tight costume with wrist bands that everyone has come to know and love as Black Widow. This also happens to be her origin story and is definitely worth a look. It was created by Stan Lee (script) and John Romita with Don Heck (pencils). This origin story is probably the one to own as it is much cheaper and truly represents the modern version of the character.

The returns for Amazing Spider-Man #86:

  • Grade 9.2 $300 FMV returns positive +29.1%
  • Grade 8.0 $130 FMV returns positive +63.7%
  • Grade 6.5 $75 FMV returns positive +116.1%
  • Grade 4.0 $50 FMV returns positive +226.7%


These returns are right in line with TOS #52 either investment will get you across to the land of profit. Notice the inverse relationship of the grade and return on both books. The lower grades are the ticket, for Amazing Spider-Man #86 they can provide the kill shot for this comic book.

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