Black Widow Fall Out

by Matt Tuck

Now that the Black Widow trailer has dropped, the market is booming for the key issues surrounding the upcoming MCU entry. Time for your shopping list.

First of all, there are few sleepers in today’s entry. If you haven’t picked up these keys, then you are best advised to wait until after the movie’s premiere. Prices for these have been inflated for months (in the case of Tales of Suspense #52, years), and now they’re truly beginning to peak. 

Black-Widow-1-1999-Variant-197x300 Black Widow Fall OutBLACK WIDOW #1

Yelena Belova is being introduced into the MCU, and the speculation is that she will assume the mantle of Black Widow. She did just that in the comics, and it is logical that the same would happen in the movies. We know that Black Widow is set prior to the events of Endgame. Will that mean that Belova will ascend and become the new MCU Black Widow once the next Avengers movie is released? If so, that will help Inhumans #5 get a serious boost in value since it is her first appearance, although it is brief. However, her first full reveal is in Marvel Knights: Black Widow #1, and she appeared on the cover of the Dynamic Forces variant. Of course, it’s not going to be a cheap pickup. Earlier this month, a 9.8 sold for $140.



Tales-of-Suspense-52-200x300 Black Widow Fall OutTALES OF SUSPENSE #52

For any Black Widow fan, this is the comic to have. Keep in mind that it’s her first appearance so prepare to spend a hefty price to add one to your collection. There’s not much to say about this issue when you consider that an incomplete 0.5 sold for $157 last month.






Avengers-196-194x300 Black Widow Fall OutAVENGERS #196

The internet exploded last year when Taskmaster was officially announced for the Black Widow. With that news came inflated prices for Avengers #195. Although not everyone is pleased with his live-action costume, the mainstream attention he is receiving will continue to escalate values. These days, even a 5.0 – which is the lowest grade sold in December – is approaching the $100 mark.





Avengers-43-198x300 Black Widow Fall OutAVENGERS #43

As I outlined in “An MCU Winter Guard? It Could Happen,” Red Guardian’s first appearance has unreal values compared to two years ago. That’s how the market works; as soon as Marvel Studios introduces a new character to live-action, prices get ridiculous. Red Guardian is a perfect example. A couple of years ago, no one cared about the “Russian Captain America.” Certainly, he had his small number of fans, but he was not exactly popular. Now that David Harbour – fresh off his Stranger Things glory – has stepped into the costume, mainstream audiences are gushing over Red Guardian. Thus we have inflated prices.




Marvel-Fanfare-11-194x300 Black Widow Fall OutMARVEL FANFARE #11

Melina Vostokovna will be making her live-action debut in Black Widow, but will we see her go full Iron Maiden (run for the hills, people) in the movie? Even if she doesn’t, this issue will heat up quickly, especially if she is heavily featured in the film, and I would wager that she will be. Alas, the price inflation has already kicked in; a 9.8 recently sold for $200, while a 9.6 brought a respectable $103.





Incredibile-Hulk-258-192x300 Black Widow Fall OutINCREDIBLE HULK #258

This is the closest to a sleeper that you’ll find on today’s list. There’s speculation that Ursa Major is referenced in the Black Widow trailer, and that’s going to lead to a rush for his first appearance. Collectors have been misled before (remember all the Hydro-Man hype that fell flat?), so it’s a gamble at this point. However, it’s not a terribly expensive gamble. While a 9.8 sold for $190 earlier this month, a 9.6 went for just $50 in June.





ASM-86-200x300 Black Widow Fall OutAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #86

This Bronze Age ASM comic gave fans an origin for the Black Widow. It’s hard to tell how much the new movie will take from this issue, but that hasn’t stopped collectors from putting it on their wish lists. It doesn’t carry the price tag of other comics on today’s list, but that’s a good thing if you’re looking for something to fit the budget. An 8.0 recently sold for $150, but you can downgrade to a 7.0 or lower and get a copy for less than $100.



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Will Kountis December 22, 2019 - 12:33 pm

Kinda surprised DD 81 doesn’t get more traction.
She has billing on the title shortly after this ish


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