Black Widow Associated Cameo and Second Appearance

by Norman Robinson III

132407_9a41dcd7ed5509c6d7e722a6545397e28ead23e0-1-197x300 Black Widow Associated Cameo and Second AppearanceThe latest Black Widow trailer to drop does some serious justice for the Taskmaster, Black Widow, and even Red Guardian. Now we have looked at this with several different articles but usually only for the initial first appearance. Is there value to be had flipping cameos?  Further, what about the second appearance of a character? Do these two aspects of flipping keys deserve greater analysis? Among the Taskmaster’s cameo in Avengers #195, Black Widow’s second appearance in Tales of Suspense #53, and finally, Red Guardian’s second appearance in Avengers #44; which of these three have the best return?



 Short-Term Returns (6-Months)

Title Grade Cost Return
Avengers #195 9.8 $195 +11%
Avengers #44 9.8 $1499 -22%
Tales of Suspense #53 8.0 $375 -22%


taskmaster-black-widow-300x150 Black Widow Associated Cameo and Second AppearanceThe comparison above used six months in category that generated returns either positive or negative, the only exception is Tales of Suspense #53 which did not have a return at six months but it did at seven and in grade 8.0. In this case, the cameo of Taskmaster in Avengers #195 takes the top award for this motley crew at a positive +11% return over six months. Shocker, Taskmaster is practically unbeatable even in the speculation arena.



132407_9a41dcd7ed5509c6d7e722a6545397e28ead23e0-1-197x300 Black Widow Associated Cameo and Second AppearanceAvengers #195

This book was created in 1980 by David Michelinie (script) and George Perez (pencils). It cameo’s the supervillain Taskmaster. Quite possibly the most interesting of the skill-based superheroes. He can watch an opponent’s moves and copy them exactly, Captain America’s fighting style, no problem. Hawkeye’s archery skills are a piece of cake for Tasky! This ability goes a step further as he can second guess his opponent’s moves based on the knowledge of their particular fighting style. Lookout Black Widow that spin around the neck with your legs might end up getting you thrown on your head, Taskmaster comes prepared. The movie is going to rock, minus some ridiculous jump out of the airplane scenes, it should keep on the edge of our seats throughout. Don’t miss the opportunity to flip a few Avengers #195 prior to the movie and squirrel away some Russian Rubles.




119912_88689aa5f1801b1bddc70878aba8c310def6517f-1-200x300 Black Widow Associated Cameo and Second AppearanceAvengers #44

Unfortunately, the comic book Avengers #44 has poor short-term results. It was created in 1967 by Roy Thomas (script) and John Buscema (art) and caps the life and times of Red Guardian. I believe he has a fairly heroic ending. However, in the long-term it’s top-earning grade is 6.0 with a positive +113%. It looks like this comic has doubled since 2017. I would not hold onto it beyond the movie; as it will more than likely end up back at $50, its pre-movie hype range. The second appearance of Red Guardian is also his last, as he is killed in this issue.

Avengers #44 has two keys for the price of one, both a death issue and his second appearance. For the movie, Black Widow, I am sure they will sacrifice Red Guardian, it makes for a convincing story. David Harbour seems to really take the role seriously and has fun with it. He really needs a Marvel win, especially after shedding his post calamity demon skin. I wish him luck, he is a solid actor that should never have tried to follow Pearlman with Hellboy. His Red Guardian should be original, lighthearted, and tragic at the same time.


117268_e99caca62bcbe6b84870a2f71b5a9ead9d81c3ea-198x300 Black Widow Associated Cameo and Second AppearanceTales of Suspense #53

This is the second appearance of Natasha Romanoff as the Black Widow. This book was created by Stan Lee (script), Jack Kirby with Don Heck and Larry Leiber (art). The cover has Black Widow facing off against Iron Man. Tales of Suspense #53 is the origin story of the Watcher and the second appearance of Black Widow. The current highest long-term return is grade 5.0 with a positive+150% return on this comic book. The last sale per GoCollect was $190.





Black_Widow_Deadly_Origin_Vol_1_2_Textless-200x300 Black Widow Associated Cameo and Second AppearanceConclusion

The Silver Age keys have strong long-term returns, but now we are going into a different phase of Marvel. They seem to want to get away from the older superheroes of the sixties, unfortunately. This could spell trouble or even a slight decline in price for these two books. The first cameo of Taskmaster is a nice copy to own, he has a one-page dramatic entry on the last page of the comic book. It is a solid cameo, but don’t expect it to continue short-term trends beyond the movie. Buy and sell, into and out of all these books prior to the movie or you might feel the Black Widow’s sting and that can be fatal.





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