Black Salt: The Last Heroes Left premieres on Comics XP website

by Jeff

bs-postcard-rear Black Salt: The Last Heroes Left premieres on Comics XP websiteMedia Release — Publisher Blackline Comics’ newly-released digital comic book title, BLACK SALT: THE LAST HEROES LEFT, has debuted on the digital comics website Comics XP ( on September 23rd, and after one week on the site has risen to number one status on the website’s top five best sellers of the week list.

“This is great news for us here at Blackline,” said Michael De Lepine, Blackline’s Director of Operations. “It’s wonderful to see a breakout series like BLACK SALT shoot out of the starting gate like this. For Blackline’s first title, it’s gratifying to have a book that is superior in quality do well from the very beginning. We are confident that it only picks up more momentum from here on out.”

BLACK SALT: THE LAST HEROES LEFT, a martial arts espionage thriller, focuses on a criminal empire run by a renegade monk from the fabled Shaolin Temple, his plot to hold the world hostage with a technological super-virus, and the CIA agent and his partner who must use the ancient ways of Shaolin to stop him. BLACK SALT is a multi-format franchise created by Owen Ratliff of Ratti Entertainment, Inc., and is currently in simultaneous development as a video game, a leisure and workout apparel line, a cartoon series and a major live-action motion picture.

Blackline is proud to be associated with Ratti Entertainment and the BLACK SALT franchise, and has plans to publish the title in both digital and eventually trade paperback print format. The equivalent of a minimum of three issues is planned for the digital series and the TPB compilation.

An aggressive grass roots campaign is under way to promote BLACK SALT: THE LAST HEROES LEFT, including utilizing Blackline Comics’ presence on the Twitter and Facebook social networking websites. There are close to 1,000 people currently following Blackline Comics on Facebook.

In addition, a two-minute motion comics trailer for the BLACK SALT comic, courtesy of PixoFactor (, can currently be seen on the home page of the Comic Book Trailers website (

Comics XP, where BLACK SALT: THE LAST HEROES LEFT can be downloaded from for 99 cents, is the brainchild of Robert W. Hickey, who also created the comic news website, publishes SKETCH Magazine, and produces BlueLine Pro comic book drawing paper and art supplies.

Ratti Entertainment operates out of Columbus, Ohio, and more information on the multi-format BLACK SALT franchise can be found on their website,

Blackline Comics operates under a policy that respects creators’ rights foremost, and works exclusively with creator-owned concepts. Blackline has business offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, and production and editorial offices in Los Angeles, California. For more information on BLACK SALT: THE LAST HEROES LEFT and other projects under development, visit our website at

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