Black Mask’s ROGUE STATE #1 sells out

by Charles LePage

Jasmin Darnell is creating two second printing covers for ROGUE STATE #1.

The press release follows:

Media Release — The first printings of ROGUE STATE #1 sold out at both distributors Diamond and Lunar on its first day of release, breaking Black Mask’s all-time record for bestselling comic.

Black Mask is rushing ROGUE STATE to second printing with two covers by Jasmin Darnell (Godkiller) that will arrive in both standard and ‘gallery’ (no-text) editions.

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While Jasmin Darnell’s cover art presents a powerful image of post-apocalyptic street artist Dust Girl, Ramon Villalobos’ Tour Cover pays homage to the history of socially-engaged public art in San Francisco’s Mission District, where Rogue State is set.

Rogue State #1 reunites C. Granda and Matteo Pizzolo, who first collaborated on the acclaimed CALEXIT: SAN DIEGO project which partnered with Indivisible on a 2018 midterms Voter Registration campaign at San Diego Comic Con as well as a California-wide Get Out The Vote initiative and raised funds for migrant families separated at the US-Mexico border. 

Rogue State combines Granda’s experiences coming of age amid political violence in Medellín-Colombia with Pizzolo’s street-politics, crafting the story of a near-future America overrun by political violence set in the embattled blue-enclave of ‘Occupied San Francisco.’


Political violence plunges America into turmoil. Local police forces join with the National Guard, but even their combined strength is unable to quell the rage. Filling the vacuum, militia groups rise into roving gangs of vigilantes. 

In a strict interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, an embattled Supreme Court overturns two centuries of settled law by recognizing militias as Constitutionally protected. In an instant, every paramilitary gang in America is suddenly deputized, transforming the entire country into a vigilante police-state. Lockdowns set in. Fear spreads… and whispers of revolution.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: C. Granda is a freelance comic book creator and teacher with more than 20 years of self-study and more than 16 years dedicated to the creation and promotion of comics in his homeland of Medellín-Colombia, where he founded and was the associate director of the National Comic And Manga Hall cultural corporation, and one of the leaders of FICCO (Independent Colombian Comics fair) and the creator of COMICFAN a small press publisher specialized in creating comics for the Colombian market and creating content aimed at the teaching of comic book creation in Latin America including a Youtube channel with more than 250 videos about the making and analysis of comics for and in the Latin Market. He is also an experienced comic book artist with more than 10 years of experience in professional work with several US and UK publishers such as Heavy Metal, Black Mask, Zenescope, Markosia and others, with titles including CALEXIT: SAN DIEGO, PIROUETTE, GRIMM FAIRY TALES, ESCAPE FROM MONSTER ISLAND, THE JUNGLE BOOK, HEROES OF HOME ROOM C, and ARACHNA, as well as handling his own self published titles. Currently Granda lives in Medellín with his wife Cindy and their four cats; Shazam, Mister Darcy, Totoro and Achu.
ABOUT THE WRITER: An Amazon #1 bestselling author, Matteo Pizzolo was named Wired Magazine’s “World’s Most Wired Comics Creator,” one of Bleeding Cool’s Top 100 Most Influential People In Comics, and has appeared on CNN, NPR, and FOX News. While living out of a backpack as a teenager in NYC’s Lower East Side, Pizzolo got his start as a playwright in Hell’s Kitchen’s Ensemble Studio Theatre’s Youngblood program. At 19 he wrote and directed THREAT, an independent feature financed with credit cards and set in NYC’s hardcore punk & underground hip hop scenes, which premiered at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, won a Best First Time Filmmaker award at the Rome Independent Film Festival, and was distributed by Sony He then wrote the comic book GODKILLER (selected as one of Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books Of The Year and currently in production as a videogame starring Aya Cash of The Boys and Laura Bailey of Critical Role) and directed its animated film adaptation, distributed by Warner Brothers. He wrote the comic books YOUNG TERRORISTS (second only to Lumberjanes as the highest selling indie graphic novel of the year) and CALEXIT (recipient of international acclaim, including a Publishers Weekly starred review), and co-founded Black Mask where he’s championed “subversive, provocative, and just plain awesome comics and creators.” Utilizing his background in political organizing, Pizzolo created the Occupy Comics project and devotes himself to supporting and creating some of the bravest comics on shelves.
ABOUT BLACK MASK STUDIOS: Bringing the punk rock ethic to comics c/o co-founders Brett Gurewitz, Steve Niles, and Matteo Pizzolo, Black Mask supports creators telling awesome and important stories.

081722C5-1 Black Mask's ROGUE STATE #1 sells out

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