Black Knight Rises

by Norman Robinson III

120133_3dd6a79a862d1703210dec1a4380887c1dc75446-198x300 Black Knight RisesJust when you thought GOT was behind you and the murder of Daenerys a bad memory, here comes Kit Harington to play the Black Knight in the upcoming Eternals movie and all those cherished final season scenes come flooding back. Yes, he (Harington) will play Dane Whitman and instead of manning the Wall with the “intrepid men of the Night’s Watch” (GOT) Kit will be the groom on top of the Eternals cake, shiny and new but useless. However, his value to the comic book cannot be understated. Avengers #47 has taken off like a flaming arrow from atop the Wall. Arching high into the night and illuminating hordes of speculators everywhere grasping for this comic. The Kit Harington magic even applies to comics, go figure. What does that portend for Avengers #47?

This book was created by Roy Thomas (script), Don Heck and John Buscema (pencils) in 1967. It involves the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants up to no good and trying to recruit Dane Whitman to their cause. Of course, the Avengers intervene and stop these mad mutants before any harm can be done. Dane Whitman becomes the Black Knight in Avengers #48. Both books have shot up in value but Avengers #47 has shot up the charts 6476 rankings!!! The numbers look great and if you own a copy good job you can thank Kit.

Avengers #47

images Black Knight RisesLong-Term

  • Grade 9.8 $5500 FMV returns positive +121.7%
  • Grade 9.6 $1400 FMV returns positive +37.6%
  • Grade  9.2 $750 FMV returns positive +300.3%
  • Grade 8.0 $350 FMV returns positive +466.3%
  • Grade 6.5 $325 FMV returns positive +167%

The numbers on this are just sick, sick. I direct your attention to grade 8.0 which returns an unheard of +466%!! Really? Is Black Knight that popular of a character? Apparently so, because Avengers #47 has the numbers to prove it. These kinds of returns sting like the Black Knight’s blade. If they can pull it off Harington will have a second hit on his hands. Whatever the case, this is the book to own going into the Eternals. Not being a big reader of the Eternals, I’m not quite sure how the Black Knight fits in. But if this plays in the movie it would just be the beginning of this book. People absolutely loved the Game of Thrones characters and actors. The fact that one is staring in a major Marvel movie will draw the whole D&D crowd and just explode the movie returns. Which would in turn set up Kit to return in another movie as Black Knight, etc, etc…


120205_7f2cb6ea28b9b96ba33c59442f0bbc3bc365f0bf-194x300 Black Knight RisesAvengers #48

Another book to consider given Kit’s talent for bringing comics back from the dead is Avengers #48. This book has the first appearance of Black Knight III and the origin of Black Knight III. Also, written by Roy Thomas with pencils by George Tuska. Does this book return comparable to #47? The answer is a solid steel plate yes!


  • Grade 9.8 $4200 FMV returns positive +171.1%
  • Grade 9.2 $525 FMV returns positive +407.8%
  • Grade 8.0 $400 FMV returns positive +205.4%
  • Grade 6.5 $250 FMV returns positive +361.1%


In most cases, the return on #48 is even better with higher returns however significantly lowered FMV amounts. The Black Knight is going to continue to run up until we get close to the movie. It is quite possible that either or both of these books could double in value from here. Don’t be deceived Kit might be “prettier than my daughters” (GOT) but his impact on the returns for Avengers #48 is as awe-inspiring as the ebony blade.

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