BLACK KISS II delivers the goods

by Jeff

JUN120423 BLACK KISS II delivers the goodsMedia ReleaseBLACK KISS II by Howard Chaykin is a work that has been anticipated for years. Does the first issue deliver the goods? Here’s what reviewers have been saying:

“Oh yeah, it’s dirty. I mean, really, really dirty. But that’s the point.

“Art is meant to be challenging and the best art challenges you in ways you never thought you could be challenged. Chaykin’s use of sexuality and violence is shocking, but it’s not being done for shock value. The man doesn’t set out to just depict the most dirty scenario he can think of. It’s the strategic use of shocking imagery and dramatic effect that work to help sustain the narrative. Chaykin is our guide on a wild journey through our country’s history with sex and death as the main points of interest. When you look around at our world, it’s filled with imagery of sex and death, so much so that we become more and more desensitized to it all. It takes a lot to shock even me these days, and if you ask me, that’s part of the point that Chaykin is making with Black Kiss 2 and I can’t wait to see where this goes.”
-Ron Richards, iFanboy (Pick of the Week)

“Like the original, this series is in perfect black and white and contains blood, death, the cinema and dirty, dirty, dirty explicit sex. Hell, there are even tentacles in this thing for those of you that know or are into such…imagery. Think James Elroy and Brett Easton Ellis meets vampires – with dark satire thrown in for good measure – and that will start you off.

“Yeah, it disturbs. And that’s the point. But Howard Chaykin is a smart man. There’s a story here, too. I expect that it’ll be interesting one.”
-JP Fallavollita, Biff Bam Pop

“It’s intelligently told, with some great storytelling tricks along the way. The cinema sequence is especially strong, the unchanging audience confronted by scenes on a cinema screen that change them dramatically.”
-Rich Johnston, Bleeding Cool

“The art offered up by Howard Chaykin is highly stylized, yielding a black and white world that’s full of depth. From the promiscuous forms to the detailed backgrounds, this comic has some excellent visuals that will surely keep any reader flipping through its pages.”
-Unleash the Fanboy

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