Black Adam: Three Early Appearances That Are Under Valued

by Matthew Williams

Worlds-finest-Black-Adam-300x169 Black Adam: Three Early Appearances That Are Under ValuedDwayne “The Rock” Johnson is cast as Black Adam and his debut in the DCEU is fast approaching. With that in mind,  I want to recommend some of the earliest appearances. These are three little known books that could be ripe for investment.

Black Adam

We have seen what happens when a character becomes extremely popular and their first appearance becomes expensive. Surrounding issues, early appearances, are to be sought after more fervently. This has been the case with Harley Quinn, Venom, Miles Morales, Moon Knight, and many more. So let’s jump in and look at some other Black Adam issues worth looking for.

Worlds-Finest-257-Teth-Adam-cameo-mentions-Black-Adam-name-201x300 Black Adam: Three Early Appearances That Are Under Valued

World’s Finest 257

Captain Marvel visits a maximum-security prison. Locked up at this prison are his most dangerous enemies. It features a single panel with Teth-Adam behind bars. The guard is complacently explaining to SHAZAM the technology used to keep him imprisoned. Teth-Adam is his normal persona, but the guard mentions the name Black Adam.

World’s Finest 257 is the least exciting of these three books, but it is the earlier appearance. Of the canonized appearances at DC, chronologically this would be the third.

264-206x300 Black Adam: Three Early Appearances That Are Under ValuedWorld’s Finest 264

This book features a 10-page story called “The Monster Society Strikes Back”. The Monster Society is led by Mr. Mind, and it’s other members include Dr. Sivana, Ibac, King Kull, Mister Atom, Oggar, and Black Adam, who plays a dominant role in this story.

Oggar resurrects the old armies of Egypt from the dust of decay. He presents them to Black Adam to lead like in the glory days when he ruled Egypt as a Pharaoh. Captain Marvel (SHAZAM) and Mary Marvel make short work of the army. Black Adam picks up a pyramid to throw at them. Oggar, aiming for the Marvels, inadvertently strikes Black Adam with magic lightning. This turns him back into Teth-Adam while he is holding the pyramid. Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel rush to catch the pyramid and save Teth-Adam before it crushes him.

This one is the most Black Adam-centered of these World’s Finest Captain Marvel stories. It is the fourth appearance at DC.

Worlds-Finest-267-interior-204x300 Black Adam: Three Early Appearances That Are Under ValuedWorld’s Finest 267

This issue has a 10-page story called “Assault On The Rock of Eternity”. The Monster Society makes a full-fledged attack on the source of the SHAZAM powers. The different members of the Marvel Family are each going after a specific villain from the Monster Society. Captain Marvel Jr. opts to take on Black Adam who is busy pounding away at the Rock of Eternity. The boy diverts his attention by stating “What a rotten way to use the powers given you by SHAZAM.” Black Adam is stunned that the boy said the magic word “SHAZAM” but did not transform back into Freddy Freeman. He verbally states this, accidentally repeating the magic word while questioning the boy. This transforms him back into Teth-Adam which allows Captain Marvel Jr. to knock him out.

This would be his fifth canonized appearance at DC.


Closing Thoughts on Black Adam

With SHAZAM 28 getting as pricey as it is, it may be a wise choice to look at surrounding issues related to Black Adam. These issues of World’s Finest are extremely affordable right now and fairly easy to find in high grades for well below $20.

What are your thoughts on early appearances as an investment? Let me know in the comments below!


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Josh August 31, 2020 - 5:59 pm

No mention of DC Presents 49??? Has a great Black Adam cover!

Matthew Williams September 4, 2020 - 12:24 am

True indeed, but these predate that one.


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