Billy Strings Presents: The Deja Vu Experiment

by Casey Ashlock

Billy-strings-300x157 Billy Strings Presents: The Deja Vu ExperimentLive music in 2021! Well, in a way, at least.  Bluegrass musician Billy Strings is back with another virtual streaming concert series! FANS Live and Twitch have teamed up with Strings to bring us the ‘The Deja Vu Experiment.’

Starting February 18 Strings will play 6 nights at the iconic Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY. And for us poster collectors, that means event-exclusive prints! Take a look at all 6 exclusive posters below!

Listen to the music play

Strings will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead’s legendary 6 night run at the Capitol Theatre. During these shows, the Grateful Dead conducted ESP experiments. “prompting Deadheads in the audience to focus on imageryStringscap1-157x300 Billy Strings Presents: The Deja Vu Experiment shown by the band and telepathically send the imagery to a test subject.” A quote from the original event’s description. Excitingly, a similar” virtual” version of the experiment will be conducted during “The Deja Vu Experiment.” Here, Billy Strings aims to tap into a similar sense of clairvoyance and togetherness at the Capitol Theatre by asking the virtual audience to “see and send imagery to special guest receivers.”

History in the Making.

The Grateful Dead’s opening show during the run in 1971 featured the debut performances of Strinscap3-158x300 Billy Strings Presents: The Deja Vu ExperimentGrateful Dead live concert staples like “Bertha,” “Loser,” and “Wharf Rat.” The Grateful Dead’s 6-night run of shows at The Capitol Theatre in February 1971 were a singular event in the 95-year history of the theater,” said Capitol Theatre owner and Relix publisher Peter Shapiro.” In 1971, the theater hosted acts like Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin, and Eric Clapton. Obviously, it was an impressive roster of rock and roll legends. However, it was the Dead’s run of shows that Winter that came to define the theater’s legacy.Stringscap2-150x300 Billy Strings Presents: The Deja Vu Experiment

Billy Strings Experimental Edition Posters.

1 tour print along with 6 individual show prints designed by some of Strings’ favorite poster artists will be for sale. The tour print will be a timed-release beginning on 2/17/21. Notably, the individual show prints will be a limited edition of 500 per night. Kicking off the concert series, we have a print designed by Bailey P. Race out of Baltimore, MD. The print features a portrait of Strings and a goat “riding a flower in the psychedelic space garden.” Next, we have the second print, designed by Max Mahn and Twin Home Prints in Missoula, MT.

Stringscap4-152x300 Billy Strings Presents: The Deja Vu Experiment

Deja Vu.

The print for the third night was designed by Mike Tallman and Add Noise Studios in Denver, CO. One of my favorite designs of the limited run is the print designed by Dave Kloc. The 12″x24″ print features a stylized zebra. Interestingly, Kloc took inspiration for the design by listening to the Strings album “Home” while creating the design. The poster is printed on French’s memo “orange kraft” paper.

Home Stretch.Billystringscap6-151x300 Billy Strings Presents: The Deja Vu Experiment

The final prints come to us from Weird Beard 72 and Half Hazard Press respectively. The print for night 5 of the 6-night run was designed by an artist named Weird Beard 72. Uniquely, the design features a “Billy” goat spiritual figure in some sort of meditative state. This color palette of this print reminds me a lot of the Grateful stringscap7-152x300 Billy Strings Presents: The Deja Vu ExperimentDead’s first album cover. The final print of the run was designed by Joel at Half Hazard Press. All 6 prints are 12″ x 24″ and are limited to 500 copies. Because of the limited nature of these prints, they are highly collectible Plus, because they are awesome they won’t last long! So hurry over to Half Hazard Press to collect yours today!

Additionally, a portion of the event’s proceeds and print sales will be donated to The Rex Foundation and Backline charity! You can find more information about the event here:

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