Bill Sienkiewicz covers TWELVE DEVILS DANCING collection

by Jeff

SEP181373 Bill Sienkiewicz covers TWELVE DEVILS DANCING collectionMedia Release — Fabian Nicieza (Deadpool, X-Force) calls TWELVE DEVILS DANCING “another dark story from the always creepy and exhaustively entertaining mind of Erica Schultz.” The series is perfect for fans of shows like Criminal Minds and The Following and comics such as From Hell and Nailbiter. Critical Hit says it’s “A serial killer comic as satisfying as anything on-screen.” Now, the series is being collected with a stunning cover by comic book legend Bill Sienkiewicz (New Mutants, Moon Knight).

In TWELVE DEVILS DANCING, serial killer dubbed The Crypto-Killer mutilated women and left cryptic ciphers on their bodies. But FBI Special Agent Callum Cooper was the one to solve the ciphers and catch the killer. At least, he thought he did. After retiring from the FBI because of a fatal illness, the actual Crypto-Killer starts killing again with a new horrifying challenge for Callum. Alongside Aisha Miller, a bio-tech genius college student, Callum must solve this mystery and try to achieve redemption before it’s too late!

Erica Schultz is best known for her work on the Charmed comic series from Dynamite Entertainment and as the co-creator of M3. She teams up with Doc Savage: Ring of Fire artist Dave Acosta and Courage, the Cowardly Dog colorist Andrew Covalt on this intense serial killer investigation story.

Order the trade paperback for TWELVE DEVILS DANCING using the Diamond item code SEP181373. Or pick it up in a comic book store near you on November 28, 2018.

Writer(s): Erica Schultz
Artist Name(s): Dave Acosta (Pencils), Andrew Covalt (Colors)
Cover Artist(s): Bill Sienkiewicz
128 pgs./ M / FC

What people are saying about Twelve Devils Dancing:

“Twelve Devils Dancing is an engaging who-done-it that grabs you with the first page and keeps you guessing right till the end.” – Meredith Finch (Wonder Woman, Rose)

“In the tradition of Silence of the Lambs, Mindhunter, and Zodiac, Twelve Devils Dancing is at once a descent into the dark mind of a serial killer, a tense race to end a rash of gruesome crimes, and an examination of just what it means to hunt those that commit violent acts of evil. I was as compelled by the villain as I was by the heroes, and found it impossible to stop reading until I was finished. If you are drawn to psychological thrillers, this is a book you cannot miss!” – Vita Ayala (The Wilds, Rebirth: Supergirl)

“Twelve Devils Dancing has a unique mix of characters and a suitably creepy villain, all of which give this thriller a strong start. I was thoroughly disturbed by what I read — and in this genre, that means something went rightI” – Erik Burnham (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters)

“TWELVE DEVILS DANCING sticks its foot in the door as a serial killer yarn, but once it gets inside, get comfortable, because its characters are deeper than they seem and circumstances aren’t as black and white and red as they seem. With equal amounts deadly cat and mouse and exploring the human shipwrecks who populate their world, Acosta, Covalt and Schultz have me on meathooks waiting for what they unleash next.” – Christopher Sebela (Injustice Ground Zero, Crowded)

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