Betty And Veronica #234 REVIEW

by Jeff
SUSPEND Betty And Veronica #234 REVIEW

Suspended Animation Review

Betty & Veronica #234/23 pgs. & $2.25/Jeff Shultz, artist; George Gladir and Kathleen Webb, writers/sold in lots of places and at

Well, the girls are at it again. In this issue, Betty and Veronica bicker about boys and fashion, make up, and resume bickering about boys and fashion. Their’s has to be the longest running love/hate relationship in comic books. But it’s all done in well-drawn and well-written light-hearted fun, and these two girls are destined to remain friends long after the Human Torch and The Thing hug each other, Lois Lane and Superman tie the knot (for real and for ever), and Blondie divorces Dagwood and runs away with his boss.

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The yin and yang of Betty & Veronica is recommended for young girls.

Michael Vance

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