Betty & Veronica Spectacular #78-83 REVIEW

by Jeff
SUSPEND Betty & Veronica Spectacular #78-83 REVIEW

Suspended Animation Review

Betty & Veronica Spectacular #s78-83/26 pgs. & $2.25 each/Dan Parent, principal artist and writer/sold in lots of places and at

Who reads about Archie’s girlfriends, Betty and Veronica, in B & V Spectacular? Here are a few clues. “How to Have Your Own Beach Bash!”, “Home EC. Or Shop?”, “Eco Friendly Tips, Fashions & Fun!”, and “Cool Summer Fashions!” are all cover blurbs for this Archie Comics title.

What, you couldn’t guess? Young girls read this title, you ninny! Girls, girls, girls!!! Therefore, who is not qualified to review these themed issues for young girls? Why, it’s ye old reviewer, me, the ninny!

I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies, or how to apply make-up, or how to look pretty and attract a guy (although I am kind of cute). I do know art, however, and B & V is no slouch in this department, maintaining the high standard of minimalistic or ‘cartoonish’ art in all Archie titles.

About half of each issue features an actual story; visual and prose essays about the social and cultural aspects of being a girl round out each edition.

In the latest reviewed issue, the girls find a new swimming hole that is claimed by those mangy boys as their exclusive secret. The rest is talk, talk, talk about clothes, summer vacation ideas, and clothes, beach tips about sun-block and sun glasses, and, well, clothes.

Dialog is believable, and Betty and Veronica and their supporting characters all ring true to long established personalities. But don’t ask me about the nuances of wearing a bikini to the beach, or doing my nails, or flirting appropriately with the new hunk in town.

I don’t even know how to flirt with the old hunk in town.

Betty & Veronica Spectacular comics are recommended for young girls.

Michael Vance

dec073406e Betty & Veronica Spectacular #78-83 REVIEW
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Betty & Veronica Spectacular #83
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