Beta Ray Bale

by Matt Tuck

Thor-337-1-195x300 Beta Ray BaleA fresh casting announcement has the market in a frenzy over Beta Ray Bill, and that will fuel even more speculation for his debut.

The latest news is that the Dark Knight himself, Christian Bale, has been cast for next year’s Thor: Love and Thunder. While his role has not been announced (nor has his casting been made official, although it is a certainty at this point), many fans are making the assertion that he is being cast as Beta Ray Bill.

This is little more than wishful thinking since nothing has been made official regarding either Bale or Bill. Let’s not forget that the rumor mill was churning stories of Beta Ray Bill being added to Guardians of the Galaxy 3 not long ago. For that matter, Bale was rumored for years to be playing Captain Britain, so anything is possible at this point. Still, it hasn’t stopped speculators from getting even more excited over Thor #337.

 Beta-Ray-Bill-on-tower-300x122 Beta Ray BaleAlthough relatively obscure to mainstream audiences, comic fans have been patiently awaiting Beta Ray Bill’s MCU debut. His first appearance in Thor #337 got a vitamin b-12 shot when his face was etched into the Grandmaster’s tower in Thor: Ragnarok.

It was later revealed that Bill was originally planned to make a cameo in Ragnarok, but the idea was scrapped. Then there’s Stormbreaker, Bill’s very own version of Mjolnir which was introduced in Infinity War. All of that makes it a lock that he is on his way into the MCU, and that has inflated prices for his comic debut. Now that the Christain Bale rumors are circulating, those values will only grow bigger.

Beta-Ray-Bill-art-300x150 Beta Ray BaleVALUES

Although still up exponentially from two years ago, sales for Thor #337 have slowed in recent months. Nine of the ten grades sold since October had 90-day averages that were less than their 2019 fair market values. In most cases, those 90-day FMVs weren’t far from the 2018 prices. The standard edition at a 9.8 had climbed from $334 in 2018 to $426 last year, although it has since dipped to $381 in the past three months. However, the recent news is already causing the pendulum to swing. On January 6, a 9.8 brought $435, its highest price since September. 

If you’re looking to fit a copy of Thor #337 into your budget, now is the time to buy an upper-mid grade. The 6.5, for one, has only one sale since October, and that was for $60 after it averaged $105 last year. Then there’s the 7.5, a comic that ascended to the heights of $74 only to drop to the $40 range in the past 90 days. With both issues, the FMVs are going to be on the rise very soon.

Beta-Ray-Bill-art-2-300x294 Beta Ray BaleTHE FUTURE OF BETA RAY BILL

There’s no question that everyone’s favorite interstellar, body-building horse-man is coming to the MCU. At this point, it’s a long shot to assume that he will be voiced by Bale and will wield Stormbreaker in Love and Thunder. Whether he arrives in Thor 4 or Guardians 3, Thor #337 is going to reach new levels once he’s made official. With the post-holiday price lull still in effect for most key issues, this is your chance to collect what has been one of the hottest comics of the past year.






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