Best selling Chinese novel series DAOMU adapted by Magnetic Press

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OCT141547 Best selling Chinese novel series DAOMU adapted by Magnetic PressMedia Release — Magnetic Press and Evertold are in the final stages of production on a hardcover graphic novel adaptation of the best-selling novel series “DAOMU“, written by Chinese author Xu “Kennedy” Lei. The adaptation, designed and illustrated by Concept Art House, was overseen by Kennedy Xu himself, and introduces his popular world of international tomb robbing to the western audience for the first time.

The original novel on which the graphic novel is based, “DAO MU BI JI”, sold over 3M copies as of 2010, with an estimated 20M copies in circulation on the black market. Its massive popularity has spawned numerous volumes in the series, defining an entire sub-genre of imitators, and making Xu one of the most in-demand novelists in China, where he is considered “China’s Stephen King.” Several film and television projects are currently in development.

The book tells the story of a young Chinese American, Sean Wu, who is called back to China when his estranged father reappears, only to be murdered in front of him. He is quickly pulled into a web of mystery and intrigue stretching back many generations, introducing him to the legacy of the Daomu, a group of international tomb robbers who race through a globe-spanning labyrinth of ancient catacombs in seek of ageless artifacts that could either save or destroy humanity.

Illustrated in lush, cinematic, painted panels by Ken Chou and the team of artists at Concept Art House, the graphic novel adaptation brings Kennedy Xu’s epic universe to gritty, tactile life. With a background in cinematic production design for film and video games, the graphic novel’s presentation eschews traditional “comic book” art in favor of richly defined painted detail.

DAOMU will represent the first title published under the Evertold Inc banner, a label designed by James Zhang and Matthew Le Merle to bring exciting adventures to visually breathtaking life.

“Daomu is an enormous phenomenon across China with tens of millions of fans clamoring for more books, comics, films and TV adaptions of the characters and their adventures,” says James Zhang of Evertold, who brought the project into Evertold. “The moment I heard about the books and spoke with the author, Kennedy, I was convinced that this amazing novel would resonate with readers around the world. With this first graphic comic collection let the journey begin.”

A trailer for the graphic novel is now available online, and can be viewed here:

The 244-page, 8.5″ x 11″, hardcover edition will feature a soft-touch cover laminate with intricate glossed filigree and a ribbon book mark. It will be released in December, and will be available wherever graphic novels and books are sold.


Magnetic Press is a publishing label built to help creators both new and established from around the world share their stories with an English-language/North American market. With decades of experience producing and releasing award-winning material for companies such as Archaia, Dark Horse, DC, Boom Studios, Viz Media, White Wolf, Electronic Arts, Namco, Microsoft, Fox, and Lucasfilm, Magnetic seeks to re-define the relationship between creator, publisher, and reader.

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EVERTOLD is an international IP development company and comic book production house with offices in San Francisco and Shanghai. The company’s focus is on original and licensed stories with global appeal, sharing 3 simple standards: high adventures, deeply entertaining, and beautifully drawn. Evertold’s launch title, “Daomu,” is set for release in December, 2014, with additional titles launching in 2015.

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